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Damian Lillard’s first series-winning buzzer-beater needs a deep rewind

This is the beginning of Dame Time.

Damian Lillard’s history of clutch NBA shots had to start somewhere and ... well, he didn’t wait long. Lillard’s first ever playoff series presented an opportunity to win the whole thing with one dagger.

To understand what a big deal that was, you need to look back at how the 2014 Trail Blazers came to be. That story includes a history of excellence, then a turn for the worse, followed by the exciting rise of LaMarcus Aldridge, but also the sad tales of guys like Brandon Roy.

And this was a Rockets team that had just found James Harden a co-star, trying desperately to avoid a second-straight playoff washout.

This was a big moment; one of the first and brightest in Lillard’s career. Let’s rewind it!

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