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Kicking Balls

What it do.

German soccer fans started a ‘Seven Dwarfs’ invasion of a music festival because of two naked dudes

Liverpool vs. Tottenham: Who had the better locker room celebration?

Was this soccer goal the ultimate act of sportsmanship, or the dumbest decision of the year?

These soccer fans had a celebration so wild it looked like the stadium was on fire

These soccer fans went to the wrong Frankfurt and got stranded 6 hours from the Europa semifinal instead

Somehow this punch to the face wasn’t a red card

Did Wayne Rooney make this dunk?

James Corden pranked David Beckham with a fake statue, and the result was magic

A soccer player in Japan decided to jump the barricade to celebrate a goal. He didn’t know the other side was a 10 foot drop

Turkish soccer player under investigation after allegedly attacking players with a razor blade mid-match

New York Red Bulls are playing a match no one can watch, take photos of, or talk about

This injured soccer player had his foot run over by the dang injury cart

This accidental goalkeeping dog is a sporting treasure

N’Golo Kanté rage quit a game of FIFA and was still smiling through the pain

This statue of Mohamed Salah might be worse than the Cristiano Ronaldo statue

The curve on this shot is better than you can possibly imagine

Angry soccer fan throws cabbage at manager

This terrifying soccer tunnel is the most intimidating thing in sports

This finger glasses goal celebration is everywhere. But can you actually do it?

This soccer goal from midfield is so satisfying

Everton destroyed a tiny Austrian town 22-0 in a friendly game

Surreal photos of Russian stadium that added seats OUTSIDE THE ARENA to be World Cup compliant

Marcelo’s son was treated like a hero by the Real Madrid locker room after a header drill

England’s World Cup squad reveal video is pretty great, but people are mad anyway

This soccer goalkeeper’s new jersey is the ‘Homer backs into bushes’ meme

Everyone is talking about Marcelo’s mind-blowing casual trap

Soccer player gets red card for brutal flying kick to opponent’s face

Lazio defender gets drilled in the face by a shot from point-blank range

This soccer player screamed like a gladiator when he refused to flop after getting hit

Soccer player picks up corner flag and uses it like a spear during brawl

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s worst beer pong player

TV camera cuts perfectly to catch a soccer fan snorting cocaine after a goal