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Marek Hamsik hit with bottle during post-match interview

Sadly, the idea of a player getting hit with a fan-thrown projectile during a match is fairly common place in modern soccer. Getting hit with a projectile of unknown origin during your post-match interview however is not as common. It happened to Napoli's Marek Hamsik after their 1-0 win over Sampdoria this weekend.


To Hamsik's credit he takes the hit, shrugs it off, and finishes the interview. I'm going to just assume that his bad ass haircut is actually part of an elaborate invisible shield around the Slovakian and thus he's actually impervious to this kind of thing. Thus, his reaction is simply a normal reflex reaction to having something thrown at your head. I could be wrong.

There's no real context to this, like where the interview is happening? Is it a teammate playing a joke on Hamsik and messing with him during the interview? Was he simple the innocent bystander during a nefarious walk-by object toss?

Whatever the reason, Hamsik appears unharmed by this blatant assault and we can add post-match interviews to the the long list of places no one is ever safe. At least in baseball the worst anyone has to worry about while be interviewed after a big win is a shaving cream pie getting smashed in their face.