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One player, two best goals of the day: Holy wow, Anthony Knockaert

The two best goals of the day came from one player -- Leicester's Anthony Knockaert. And they. Were. Amazing.

Richard Heathcote - Getty Images

Who scored the best goal from Tuesday? Anthony Knockaert.

Who scored the second best goal from Tuesday? Anthony Knockaert.

What. The. $*@%.

How about them apples, Champions League? What do you have to say about that?

Needless to say, he won Man of the Match in a 2-0 Leicester win over Huddersfield, but that alone is not enough of an honor for a performance such as this, with goals this good. It is time to come up with a new award for fantasticness such as this so it doesn't just float around in internet lore and nothing else.

Man of the Day? Doesn't quite cut it.

Man of the Year? Let's not get too crazy.

YouTube Champion of the Week? There we go.

It's not really a step up for going into internet lore, but we can make him a trophy out of aluminum foil to give it a little bump out. How prestigious.