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Is your favorite club underperforming? Shoot them with paintballs

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Dynamo Moscow is off their worst start in club history, so some of their supporters decided to show up at training and shoot players and staff with paint balls

Dmitry Korotayev

Dynamo Moscow is off to their worst start in club history and as you might expect, the fans are not happy. So a group of supporters did what any good group of fans would do...execute a daring daylight paintball/propaganda flyer raid on the team's training session.

A group of fans dressed in camouflage gear showed up at Dynamo Moscow training and proceeded to open fire with paintball guns on players and team staff. They also threw various flyers on to the training pitch making threats against the team's foreign players and demanding the club player better and get better results.

While I certainly cannot condone the idea of shooting anyone with paint balls that isn't a willing target, there is an amusing element to this story. Then again, if people in camo showed up unannounced with guns of any kind where you work, it would probably be extremely scary.

As you might expect, the club wasn't impressed. In an announcement on their official website the club said they would be taking the attackers to court and making their names public...presumably so a more reasonable faction within their fan base can take revenge on them, hopefully with just paint balls.

"We're set to use all the resources we have at our disposal to discover those responsible and bring them to court. We are also set to make the names of those responsible public."

Midfielder Alan Gatagov expressed the type of concerns you might expect about the incident in an interview with the R-Sport news agency:

"I just can't find the right words, what are we supposed to do now? Should each of us hire a personal bodyguard? I was hit in the back of the head when they shot at us. Lots of players were also hit."

Earlier this year, Dynamo fans fired flares off in the streets outside the training ground and sprayed graffiti on walls with statements demanding the players stop humiliating the club's famous name.

A lovely group of people really.