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Referee attacked and choked by crazed fan in Ukraine

A crazed fan fan chocked a referee, bringing up the question -- why would anyone want to be a ref?

Martin Rose - Bongarts/Getty Images

Fans often have issues with a referee, but actually hopping on the pitch and attacking one is exceptional, and scary. In a match between Chernomorets and Metalist, a crazed fan went after a referee and put two hands around his throat before being wrestled to the ground by police and stewards.

This brings up the question -- why would anybody want to be a referee?

Let's consider all the positives of being a referee:

  1. People choke you.
  2. Nobody from any team in either match ever likes you.
  3. Your wife probably doesn't even like you.
  4. Your father has cussed you out in his living room watching you work.
  5. The thing that gives you "power" is a puny whistle and two flimsy cards.
  6. It doesn't pay well enough that it qualifies as a full-time job.
  7. Without fail, you look stupid running around the field.
  8. You will probably go bald early.
It has to be the worst job ever.