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Marvin Chavez poster-izes AJ DeLaGarza

As if the Galaxy managing to lose a game while up a man after going into stoppage time with the lead wasn't bad enough, now there's this GIF making them looking even more hapless.

Sad as this truth may be, there really is no such thing as a player being "poster-ized" in soccer. For one, I don't think people buy posters of sports stars anymore. For another, soccer just doesn't lend itself to snapshot moments like getting dunked does in basketball. Galaxy defender A.J. DeLaGarza can be happy for that.

Unfortunately for him, we do now have GIFs, endlessly playing video loops that might be that will forever remind him of the ignominy that came with this play right before the San Jose Earthquakes scored the winning goal in Saturday's balls-ass crazy game.

The best part is not just DeLaGarza falling to the ground after a few step-overs. It's Marvin Chavez straight up laughing before he sends his pass out wide. Many of you may be too young to remember these, but it's very reminiscent of another basketball staple, the AND1 Mixtapes.

For his part, DeLaGarza responded with a not-entirely-clever "scoreboard" response. I suppose he wins, but he's deducted points for unoriginality.