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Sunderland players refund fans who traveled to 8-0 loss

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Nice guys.

Richard Heathcote

Sunderland were absolutely throttled by Southampton on Saturday. The 8-0 loss was an embarrassment, but at least the players got paid to be part of it. The fans paid to travel south and for tickets to watch their team get beat down. That's just brutal, but the players are going to help them out.

The Sunderland players have committed more than £60,000 to reimburse the fans who went to the match. Anyone who went and paid the £24 for a ticket can get that money back, courtesy of the players.

Goalkeeper Vito Mannone, who had to pick the ball out of his own net eight times, suggested on Monday that the team reimburse the fans. The club didn't do it, but the players did.

"We win and lose as a team, players, staff and fans," said captain John O'Shea. "However we wanted to acknowledge and thank the supporters who traveled such a long way to give us their backing and despite everything, stayed with us until the final whistle.''

The fans can either show up to the Stadium of Light to collect their refund or mail in for it. If they have not claimed their refund by Nov. 5, their £24 will be donated to the charity Grace House.

So the Sunderland players aren't so great at football. They're great at being nice guys.