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Player in Sweden scores 21 goals in 30-0 win

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Goal, goal, goal [fast forward] goal, goal, goal.

Lars Baron

Scoring a goal is cool. Scoring 21 is absurd.

Yanick Djouzi Manzizila is absurdly cool. The Congo United FC player set a Swedish football record by scoring 21 goals in their seventh division match on Saturday. That is not a typo.

"I had scored 12 goals against them before, so I knew there was a chance to score goals," Manzizila told Aftonbladet. "I got a good start and then it just ran away, it just went to overdrive."

Yes, overdrive. That is one way to describe it.

Other ways include: thrashing, embarrassing, run amok, destruction, remarkable, holy hell.

Congo United won the match 30-0, upping their goal difference to 86-6 on the season. But that is way less impressive than scoring 21 goals in a match.

The previous Swedish record was 18 goals in a match, set way back in 1954. And what was Manzizila's reaction to being told his 21 goals were a record?

"Oh fuck, what fun!"

Oh fuck what fun indeed.