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Earthquakes are hiding a message in seats of new stadium

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The original plan was for the colored seats to spell out "Quakes," but that was scrapped for something far more Silicon Valley-esque.

The San Jose Earthquakes' new stadium is quickly nearing completion. In fact, they started installing seats on Tuesday. But as Silicon Valley types love to do, they decided to do so with a bit of a twist: Not only are the seats designed to pay homage to the NASL days, but they are also sending a coded message to Earthquakes fans.

What might that message be? Who knows? But the team will be hosting a contest inviting fans to crack it. The stunt is similar to one "new media artist" Ben Rubin staged back in 2006 when he put a semaphoric message atop the Adobe building and then tried again in 2012.

Hopefully, it's more interesting than "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine."

The good news is there should be plenty of people attempting to crack the code, as the Earthquakes also announced more than 8,000 season tickets have already been sold for 2014.