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Breanna Stewart dropped 40 points in her first game overseas while shooting 75 percent from the floor


WNBA: Finals-Seattle Storm at Washington Mystics Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Breanna Stewart’s last month has included a WNBA title, a FIBA title, and now in her first game in the Russian PBL, she casually dropped 40 points, grabbed 15 boards, all while shooting 77.8 percent from inside the arc. Let me break that down a little further. She went 14-of-18 from two-point range and on two of those, she got her own rebound and scored anyway.

Stewart plays for Dynamo Kurskm who after that game claimed the top spot in the league. I imagine it’ll stay that way with Stewie on board. She also received Player of the Week for that performance.

Here is a compilation of highlights from Stewart’s ridiculous game because all Stewie buckets are worth seeing.

The smoothest three-pointer

I have zero idea why the defense left the greatest player on the planet open like this.

Textbook midrange jumpers

This looks like an actual clinic.

She’s finished through contact with ease.

Oh, a jump hook? Yeah we’ve got those.

She finally missed?

Well she did but also got her own rebound and scored again. So.

I also found a giraffe mascot from the opposing team who was sad with every Stewie made basket.

We even got trick shots!

Complete with a mini shrug because it was one of those games.

Breanna Stewart is easily the best women’s basketball player on this round earth.