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A running list of WNBA rookie Kelsey Mitchell crossing people up

The rookie is making life MISERABLE for defenders.

Nine games into Kelsey Mitchell’s career, she’s already claimed two sets of ankles in devastating fashion. This is what the WNBA’s No. 2 draft pick and college basketball’s No. 2 all-time scorer in history does.

Before I deliver the full-course meal that is Mitchell crossing the absolute life out of folks, let me introduce you to the WNBA’s most prolific three-point shooter, whose makes only trail the G.O.A.T. herself, Diana Taurasi. The 5’8 rookie guard is shooting 42 percent from deep on eight tries per game, and her 30 makes are more than the entire Las Vegas Aces team combined.

Uh-huh, that’s why Indiana Fever scooped her up at No. 2 without a second thought. If A’ja Wilson wasn’t around, Mitchell would’ve been a no-brainer top pick.

Anyway, let’s dive into where she leaves defenders absolutely shook.

Please peep her crossing up college basketball’s No. 1 all-time scorer Kelsey Plum to the floor, then draining a DEEP trey.

She took her time gather-stepping into the shot she wanted with Plum’s ankles in recovery mode. HAH.

But this next cross up is her most vicious. Watch as Mitchell goes through the legs twice and behind her back once to dance around the arc and sink Kaela Davis to the floor.

This is much more disgusting to watch in slo-mo from the opposite angle.

This is Kelsey Mitchell, a WNBA rookie who’s making her name known from the very beginning. And there’s a whole lot of season left.