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7 memorable plays from Liz Cambage’s WNBA record-setting 53-point night

She was unstoppable from inside to the three-point line.

Liz Cambage is an irrepressible 6’8 inside-out problem, and on Tuesday afternoon she used all her tools to set a WNBA record with 53 points in a 104-87 win over the New York Liberty. She scored HALF of her team’s points... On 77 percent shooting... She was unimaginably good. In fact, the last player to post a 50-point 10-rebound game on 75 percent shooting or better was Michael Jordan!

Four years after leaving the WNBA to continue her overseas career, Cambage is back, and she’s grown into a true two-way star. Now she’s made history.

“It’s pretty big. I’ve had big numbers in China, I’ve had big numbers in Australia,” Cambage said after the game. “I heard a lot of people say I couldn’t have big numbers in the WNBA. So I guess this game was for y’all.”

Then she posted a picture of herself working out right afterward the game ended:

It wasn’t a typical scoring night for Cambage — not only by point total, but also by variety. One of the WNBA’s tallest talents launched five three-point shots and sunk four of them, showing touch she hasn’t all year. She’s only made five threes in 21 games prior, combined.

Her makes from range, and incredible efficiency allowed her to score all 53 of those points on 22 shot attempts. She was brilliant on 17-of-22 shooting and 14-of-15 from the free throw line.

Let’s look at the best moves from Cambage’s historical night.

7. When she reminded everyone she’s a shooter

Oh yeah, she came out hot from the very beginning of this one.

6. Her off-balance leaner over 6’4 Kiah Vaughn

Vaughn stood no chance at all. Cambage is just too strong and too talented.

5. When she took Bria Hartley off the dribble like a guard

A 6’8 big isn’t supposed to move like that.

4. Look at this freakin’ swat

Hahahaha, Cambage is just too good on both ends.

3. Off the dribble, through the lane

Cambage will play whatever position she wants!

2. The low-post move into a MEAN MUG

This is when we knew history would be made.

1. The three FOR THE RECORD

BAM! That was it. No hesitation there. This was Liz Cambage’s night.