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‘NBA Live 19’ will have the option to create a female player for the first time ever

It’s LIT!

Last year, NBA Live took a step in an awesome direction by putting the WNBA roster in the game. Thanks to NBA Live 18, you were finally able to pick up a game and play as Maya Moore, Brittney Griner, and Diana Taurasi to name a few. While this was a great addition to the game, this left a few things to be desired as well. For example, there wasn’t a WNBA dynasty mode so the players were only restricted to a “Play Now” setting.

The other missing piece was that you couldn’t create a female player for NBA Live 18’s career mode THE ONE. THE ONE mode is where you are able to create a player and put them on the path to becoming a professional basketball legend in ‘The League’. Within this mode you were also able to take your player to ‘The Streets’.

This side of the game mode featured prominent Pro-AM and streetball parks for you to showcase your skills against other players. Now remember when I said you were only allowed to create male THE ONE players in NBA Live 18? Well that all changes in NBA Live 19!

Players will be able to create female characters and take them around the world in THE ONE mode. IT’S LIT! These characters will be able to travel to the numerous courts across the world, build a squad and complete countless challenges on the court.

NBA Live 19’s THE ONE mode will also have men and women playing on the same team together and that’s so frickin’ awesome.

I still have more questions on whether there will be a WNBA Dynasty mode or WNBA Ultimate Team. Hopefully those will be addressed in the announcements to come.

You can cop NBA Live 19 on September 7th. You can find out more about the games newest features and improvements here.

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