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We redesigned every WNBA jersey to celebrate the league’s season start

These jerseys are exactly what the league needs

The WNBA season returns on July 24 and here at SB Nation we are as excited as possible. So far it’s seemed as if the league’s bubble or “wubble” as they are calling it has been safe for players, coaches, and staff. The entire league is together in Brandeton, FL at the IMG Academy getting ready to kick off a 22-game season followed by the playoffs.

In celebration of the season kicking off, we collaborated with Pete Rogers from SB Nation’s site, Fake Teams, to re-imagine what we’d like WNBA jerseys to look like. The jerseys are currently produced by Nike, but we wanted to add a fan perspective and dream about what these could look like. You’ll see all 12 imagined jerseys below with a note from Pete on how he came up with the idea.

Atlanta Dream:

“I took inspiration from the clean, modern lines of the Dream’s logo and carried that into the jersey.”

Chicago Sky:

“The key with this jersey was the sky blue and long lines to give the jersey a sense of height.”

Connecticut Sun:

“The Sun have a deep color palette and I wanted to make sure to include all their colors into the jersey.”

Dallas Wings:

“I went with a clean jersey design to highlight their logo and their awesome blue, neon green color scheme.”

Indiana Fever:

“Clearly I went with the fun, curly font that the Fever have used in the past and made the jersey bright and fun.”

Las Vegas Aces:

“I love the Aces’ logo so I wanted to use it in a pattern and overall give the jersey a badass, casino feel.”

Los Angeles Sparks:

“I went with a Lakers-esque template here but spiced it up with sparks decorating the sides of the jersey.”

Minnesota Lynx:

“Like the Lakers, I went with a Timberwolves jersey look, while still making it unique to the Lynx.”

New York Liberty:

“The seafoam green is amazing and I wanted to highlight the Statue of Liberty logo.”

Phoenix Mercury:

“I ran with the classic car font and gave the text a fast slant and added racing stripes to drive home the sense of movement.”

Seattle Storm:

“The Seattle skyline is iconic and I used the gray to mimic a stormy sky looming overhead.”

Washington Mystics:

“I wanted to use the smoke clouds from the Mystics logo and added them to the sides of the jersey to make the text feel like it’s appearing from the clouds.”

Follow Pete and see more of his re-imagined designs for the NBA, NFL, and MLB on Instagram.