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Courtney Vandersloot broke the WNBA assist record on a pass to Allie Quigley ... her wife!

Vandersloot went off with 18 assists, smashing the WNBA record in the process.

Courtney Vandersloot was the ultimate distributor in the Chicago Sky’s Monday night win over the Indiana Fever, but it isn’t just her record-breaking 18 assists that made the night memorable, it was how she broke the record.

Vandersloot capped off the night with her 18th assist to Allie Quigley, who just so happens to be Vandersloot’s wife. Part of the prolific Sky offense, the team went off, with the record-setting assist being recorded on a Quigley three that put the Sky up by 25 points.

The fact Vandersloot broke the record passing to Quigley is a cute note, but really isn’t the focal point here. It’s more that Vandersloot not only broke the assist record, but one of the most resolute, seemingly-untouchable records in WNBA history.

Standing since 2002, Ticha Penicheiro held the previous assist record with 14, which she recorded twice over the course of her career. Plenty of incredible players came close, but never managed to make it over the mark — until Vandersloot last night.

Sure, it helps that the Sky offense is scoring 100 points a game, but Vandersloot is having a prolific passing season averaging 9.3 assists per game. The rest of the Top 5 are recording between 5.6 and 4.9.

I hope that Vandersloot and Quigley celebrated with some champagne after the game. Some bubble bubbly, if you will. Okay, sorry ... I’ll leave now.