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Kia Nurse’s half court Euro step is the buzzer beater of the year

She made it look so easy too!

Kia Nurse’s buzzer beater against the Sky on Tuesday night is so good you’ll need to watch it at least three times.

I have a deep, unfettered love for the Eurostep. It’s one of those basketball moves that’s equally deadly, as it is effective — like a ballet dancer who moonlights as a ninja. I don’t think I can recall it ever being used to set up a half court three, let alone in crunch time. That’s what makes it so special.

The thing I can’t shake is just how easily Nurse made this all look. It’s like she pulled it off without even trying. Make no mistake, this was not an easy game. The Mercury were pushed in the second half after getting bodied in the third quarter and surviving in the fourth thanks to Nurse’s half-court heroics.

Nurse finished the game with 18 points, 8 rebounds — and one incredible buzzer beater. Not a bad night at the office.