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Chair shots to the head in wrestling are an unnecessary risk with permanent consequences

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Chris Jericho made me hate him. And it changed the course of my life

Everyone knows that wrestling is scripted, but that’s what made it matter to me.

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CM Punk is back in WWE to ‘make money,’ and it shows

CM Punk was a symbol of protest, now he’s a corporate pawn.

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The time the boxer who linked Ali to Tyson fled the ring in terror vs. a Japanese pro wrestler

C.M. Punk could tear AEW apart ... again

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The Iron Sheik, WWE legend and iconic Twitter user, passes away

CM Punk’s AEW return: Is this a good move or a huge mistake?

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Bad Bunny is the greatest celebrity wrestler of all-time

Why the WWE/UFC merger probably isn’t good for wrestlers, fans, or the industry

Vince McMahon looks like Gomez Addams’ stunt double

Everyone should go to a WrestleMania

What would a WWE and AEW merger mean for professional wrestling?

What the hell is happening with these WWE sale rumors?

WrestleMania 33 was the 1st time I watched wrestling, and it blew my mind

Rick Ross on AEW is meme gold

The Young Bucks’ new basketball shoes, reviewed by 2 olds and 2 youths

AEW’s handling of the CM Punk drama is a total mess

Is CM Punk’s beef with AEW the implosion of a company, or the greatest storyline in a decade?

When Randy Savage taught the world it’s okay for Macho Men to cry

Russian Wrestleball combines basketball and rugby for the most ridiculous sport ever

Chris Jericho is in a hair vs. hair match, and we need him bald

John Cena dropped everything to go meet a teenage fan who had to flee Ukraine

MJF, ‘the work,’ and the complicated messy nature of pro wrestling journalism

Let’s make the dream card for AEW x NJPW ‘Forbidden Door’

Former NBA Draft pick Satnam Singh could be wrestling’s next big thing

Vince McMahon’s grandson commits to Indiana football as a preferred walk-on

5 winners and 3 losers from WrestleMania 38