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Chair shots to the head in wrestling are an unnecessary risk with permanent consequences

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Chris Jericho made me hate him. And it changed the course of my life

Everyone knows that wrestling is scripted, but that’s what made it matter to me.

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What would a WWE and AEW merger mean for professional wrestling?

This would send shockwaves through the industry.

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What the hell is happening with these WWE sale rumors?

Rick Ross on AEW is meme gold

The Young Bucks’ new basketball shoes, reviewed by 2 olds and 2 youths

AEW’s handling of the CM Punk drama is a total mess

Is CM Punk’s beef with AEW the implosion of a company, or the greatest storyline in a decade?

When Randy Savage taught the world it’s okay for Macho Men to cry

Russian Wrestleball combines basketball and rugby for the most ridiculous sport ever

Chris Jericho is in a hair vs. hair match, and we need him bald

John Cena dropped everything to go meet a teenage fan who had to flee Ukraine

MJF, ‘the work,’ and the complicated messy nature of pro wrestling journalism

Let’s make the dream card for AEW x NJPW ‘Forbidden Door’

Former NBA Draft pick Satnam Singh could be wrestling’s next big thing

Vince McMahon’s grandson commits to Indiana football as a preferred walk-on

5 winners and 3 losers from WrestleMania 38

A literal apple became a pro wrestling champion

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is officially returning at WrestleMania

The CM Punk and MJF build is a pro wrestling masterclass

AEW buying Ring of Honor is good for everyone in wrestling

WrestleMania 33 was the 1st time I watched wrestling, and it blew my mind

Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes stun wrestling world, leave AEW

Sting is 62 years old and threw himself off a stage and through a table

WWE is getting slammed for changing a wrestler’s name to a Nazi’s

Eddie Kingston’s raw emotion is fueling wrestling’s greatest stories

Brodie Lee’s wrestling legacy is not being forgotten in AEW

James Harrison being a really good actor in ‘Heels’ is such a delightful surprise

CM Punk and wrestling’s most anticipated night in a decade, explained

AEW’s botched ‘explosion’ was a symptom of bigger problems

Shaq was a better wrestler than any of us expected

Nia Jax had to pretend she hurt her butt and created art instead

Kevin Greene was destined to be a WCW star until fate intervened

Wrestling’s most exciting story in years is a Canadian-masterminded invasion

AEW’s new video game looks like pure nostalgia injected into your Xbox or PS5