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WWE Superstars answer the important questions

Come to see which of your favorite wrestlers always reclines their seat in an airplane. Stay for Road Dogg talking about Brigham Young.



Kofi Kingston: You know what? It would probably be swimming. Because I can't swim, so I would not be in any type of contention. I mean, I can get from one end of the pool to the other, and maneuver around, but as far as actual competition, there is no way I could win a race against anyone else in swimming. Unless it was a race to the bottom of the pool. I could probably sink pretty well.

David Otunga: Diving. I've never tried it.

Darren Young: Bobsledding. Is bobsledding in the Olympics? I'd be terrible at it. I'm not good with speed. When I drive on highways, I go the speed limit. Speed is not my thing.

Titus O'Neil: Probably figure skating.

Aksana: The worst? I would be? I don't know; I'm pretty athletic. So [I think I'd be good in all of them]. Be positive, right?

Roman Reigns: Probably marathon. I'm a sprinter. I'm a, like, interval guy. The marathon would blow me up, big time.

Santino Marella: Water polo. I can't swim.

Dolph Ziggler: One of those made-up ones. No, the ribbon dancing. Because I'm a much better dancer like in the shower by myself.

Justin Gabriel: Probably curling. I tried it the other day. It looks so stupid and so simple, but it's really freaking hard. I don't know if it's the [curling] shoe, or if my aim's not that great. I didn't grow up in a snow country, so anything on ice ...

Ricardo Rodriguez: Anything. I don't know if you've seen the way I look [in the ring], but ... No, probably anything with running, because my knees are both gone. My ankles are, like, destroyed, so probably that. Running.

Fernando (Los Matadores): The worst at?

Diego (Los Matadores): Trampoline jumping, if that's a sport. It is, right? Yeah, I'd be bad at that.

Fernando (Los Matadores): I don't know. I'm pretty good at everything. [Laughs]

Road Dogg: Wrestling. And that's the truth. That is the truth.

Billy Gunn: That's a good one.

Road Dogg: If they had competitive juggling, ha ha! I'd be like the silver, or bronze.

Billy Gunn: We could throw stones, get it? [Makes curling motion] Stones?

Road Dogg: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's curling.

Billy Gunn: [making curling motion] Stones?

Road Dogg: Curling. It's called curling.

Billy Gunn: [making curling motion] Stones.

Road Dogg: This is not video. It's audio. [To recording device] He's actually making the motion of a curler.

Billy Gunn: [laughs] Yes!



Cameron: Oh, my god. It depends! Sometimes I'm so tired, literally I knock out before the plane even has time to [leave the gate]. On occasion, [I do recline].

Kofi Kingston: Absolutely recline. 100 percent. It helps a lot with the back. For me, my lower back sometimes gets all knotted up. I get really mad sometimes when I'm sitting in front of the exit row, because those seats don't recline. Even like three hours or so [on a plane] is a long time to be sitting up straight. Always recline. Always.

John Cena: It depends on the situation. Delta first class, U.S. Airways first class, sometimes a little tight.  If I'm looking in front of me and I say, "If the person [in front of me] leans back the seat, I'll be uncomfortable," I don't lean back the seat. You can get comfortable in any position sometimes, if you try real hard. If you're real tired. If you're tired enough, you can fall asleep anywhere.

David Otunga: You know what? Actually, no recline. Rarely do I - if I'm gonna sleep, yes, but I'm actually more comfortable no-recline. Seems decent like that.

Alicia Fox: Hmmm! I'm not reclining, because I think it's kind of rude. I don't like it when people are sitting in my lap! "You guys didn't pay me to bring you to the next town in my lap!" So I try not to recline.

The Ultimate Warrior

Darren Young: I like to recline. I like to relax a little bit, because traveling is a second job, so I need to relax at least.

Titus O'Neil: I'll always recline the seat. I don't care who's sitting behind me. I definitely recline it, every single time. I have to, because I need to get stretched out as much as I can.

Aksana: It's in depending how tired I am.

Sheamus: Recline. I always try to be in the back of the plane, so I'm not reclining on someone else.

Rey Mysterio: Oh yes, always. Sometimes I even recline before we take off.

Goldust: Most of the times I do not recline. I like to sit next to the window so I can sleep. Every airplane I'm ever on, I fall right asleep before we can even take off. And I usually sleep the whole flight until we land and that wakes me up. It's like a baby in a crib. Flying around puts me to sleep.

Santino: Recline! If it doesn't recline ... if I realize that my seat is the seat before the exit row - which doesn't recline, for safety reasons - or the last seat on the plane - because there's nowhere to recline - I pitch a fit. Because I have a bad neck and if I can't recline and sleep and [the plane] goes forward ... it snaps forward and it wakes me up and it's bad for my neck. So I actually need to recline.

Hornswoggle: No recline. I just don't do it.

Fernando (Los Matadores): Recline.

Diego (Los Matadores): Recline to the full.

Fernando (Los Matadores): [gesturing to El Torito] He doesn't recline. He doesn't like to recline.

Diego (Los Matadores): [asks El Torito the question in Spanish]

El Torito: No.

Diego (Los Matadores): No.

Fernando (Los Matadores): He goes business class.



The Miz: Nacho cheese, always. Always nacho cheese.

Kofi Kingston: Nacho cheese, easy. [Cool ranch] is not very good. I've never been a cool ranch guy.

John Cena: Man, the forever debate. Cool ranch changed the game. Like, "What are those colors on the Doritos?" [Interviewer: "Would you say cool ranch is the John Cena of chip flavors?"] Wow. If I say yes, I don't know what I'm locking myself into. I'd say cool ranch is the cool ranch of chip flavors.

David Otunga: Ooooohhhh. Nacho cheese.

Alicia Fox: Oh, geez. Cool ranch. It just seems cool. No matter what, it's cool.

Darren Young: Neither. Too much sodium. I watch my figure. I haven't had chips in so long. I would have to say [my last favorite chips were] Pringles.

Titus O'Neil: Nacho.

Aksana: Uh ... more options?

Sheamus: Whuh? [Interviewer repeats the question.] Oh, nacho cheese. [Smiling] Nacho cheese.

Goldust: Cool ranch.

Santino Marella: Cool ranch.

Hornswoggle: Cool ranch, easily. I hate nacho cheese.



The Miz: I'd buy Ohio! It's my home state. Ohio and California. I would buy Ohio just so I could have it. I would want to own it and own everyone in it. O-H, I-O.

Kofi Kingston: I would buy ... maybe the state of Montana. WWE never actually runs there. And I've been there one time. There's a lot of land there. I could do some things in Montana.

David Otunga: Hawaii. It's awesome. The weather's great. I love that place!

Alicia Fox: I would probably buy one of the Dakotas. Or Montana. Because it's [a place] no one really frequents. [I'd try] to bring some energy there. Because New York's overpopulated. L.A.'s overpopulated. That's what Kofi said? He's probably copying my answers. We've talked about this in the car. Just kidding!

Darren Young: I would buy ... I'd have to say, Denver, Colorado.

Rey Mysterio: I would probably get a ribeye, without a doubt. Oh, "state!" I would probably get Hawaii. It's my dream retirement home.

Roman Reigns: Oh, Florida, all day long, brother! That's the best state of ‘em all, man.

Jim Ross: Texas. And I'd turn it into a urinal.

Justin Gabriel: Hawaii, for sure. 100 percent.

Ricardo Rodriguez: My home state of California. Easy.

"I would probably get a ribeye, without a doubt. Oh, "state!" I would probably get Hawaii. It's my dream retirement home." -Rey Mysterio

Road Dogg: I think I would buy Salt Lake City, Utah. That's a city. But I would buy Utah. I mean Utah. Have you ever flown into Salt Lake City? It's the most geographically beautiful thing you've ever seen. That's why Brigham Young, when he came over that mountain with all his people so long ago, he said, "Holy crap, let's settle there." I'm not a Mormon, I just think Salt Lake's beautiful. But I do have seven wives. (I'm just kidding; I don't.)

Billy Gunn: [to Road Dogg] I don't understand a single word that you just said.

Road Dogg: [to Billy Gunn] Yeah, because you're STUPID! [To interviewer] Nah, he's not stupid, he's just really pretty. Prettier than he is smart.

Billy Gunn: What state would I--? I don't know. [To Road Dogg] What state would I ...

Road Dogg: [emphatically] Colorado!

Billy Gunn: No. I know where you're going with that, but no. No. Probably Florida, because I live there. I was born there.

Road Dogg: That's where old people go to retire.

Billy Gunn: And I don't have a scenario like he had for Utah. He just wanted to say it because he wanted to act smart and know that Brigham Young was in Utah. Which, I knew that, too.

Road Dogg: Steve Young's great-grandpa!

Billy Gunn: And I know where Obama lives, too.



Cameron: Sushi, Vietnamese food and Mexican food. I love pho. That's my stuff right there.

The Miz: Outback Steakhouse.

Kofi Kingston: Outback is always a treat, man. Always a treat. I get the Victoria filet, eight ounce. Sweet potato with everything on it, all the goods, you know what I'm saying? All the marshmallows.

David Otunga: Believe it or not, it's Subway. Because I try to eat really healthy and there's Subways everywhere. However, I eat it so much that when I'm home, I won't go near the place.

Darren Young: I love Boston Market. It's affordable, it's cheap. It's quality food. So if I can find a Boston Market ... or even Outback. Outback has grilled wings. I love grilled wings.

Titus O'Neil: Outback Steakhouse. I usually go with Darren [Young], most of the time.

Aksana: We stop a lot of the gas stations for natural almonds. Or sushi, always.

Sheamus: Waffle House; Denny's. Love my oatmeal; love my scrambled eggs. Scrambled egg whites. Oatmeal's my thing. Or porridge, we call it back home.

Rey Mysterio: I'd have to say when I'm with my family and they're traveling on the road with me, they all love T.G.I. Friday's, so we've gotta hit Friday's. They love those Jack Daniel's ribs.

Goldust: Outback. [Although] not all the time with Outback. I like Cracker Barrel, Waffle House. I love Waffle House. Whataburger when I'm home in Texas.

Christian: Lately, the last year or so, I kinda like Chipotle. Because it's kind of a little healthy, a little different. You can get in and out of there pretty quick when you're on the road and you don't have a lot of time. I would say right now, Chipotle's probably my favorite little quick restaurant.

Bad News Barrett: I'm a big fan of like Waffle House, Denny's and IHOP. You can always eat very healthily there if you know what to order. You can have the egg whites and things like that. That's kind of the go-to. They're very quick, cheap, healthy. [Those are] the key things for us.

Roman Reigns: Chipotle. Love Chipotle. Could eat Chipotle like three times a day, for sure. I do the burrito bowl, black beans. Sometimes some rice, depending on if I just worked out. Triple chicken. That sets everybody off. They're like, "Whaaat? Triple chicken?" Cheese, the corn salsa and a big ol' scoop of the guac.

Fernando (Los Matadores): Buffalo Wild Wings, usually, right?

Diego (Los Matadores): Friday's; Buffalo Wild Wings is definitely a standard.

Fernando (Los Matadores): IHOP and Chuck E. Cheese.

Diego (Los Matadores): IHOP in the morning.

Hornswoggle: Not really. Whatever's cheap. I'm cheap. I'm frugal.



Darren Young: I like pastrami on whole wheat. That's like a cheap meal, almost.

Rey Mysterio: Homemade. Homemade sandwich. [The type of sandwich] depends on whatever mood I'm in. It can either be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or it can be ham, cheese, jalapenos and slice of tomato.

Aksana: Believe it or not, I don't eat sandwich.

Bad News Barrett: Favorite sandwich is just a plain cheese sandwich. Cheddar cheese, white bread, that's my favorite. I don't get to eat it very often because it's not very healthy, but it's an old favorite from going back to when I was a little kid.

Jim Ross: Bologna and white bread, tomato and mayo. And it's been a while since I had one. I'm trying to watch it. But that's old school. That's an old school ... that was a sandwich that, when I was in the business in the 70s, that was the late-night bill of fare.

Santino Marella: Mr. Submarine makes a great Canadian club sandwich and it's Panini pressed and it's made with cheddar cheese and it's probably my favorite sandwich of all time. I used to work for them in high school.

Justin Gabriel: Peanut butter and jelly! Of course.



Titus O'Neil: Swarm of bees. No, actually, a bear. I could probably outrun a bear, if I need to.

Christian: Um ... actually, I think a bear. I think I might frustrate him a little bit and just get him to give up. I'm a little bit elusive, you know?

Bad News Barrett: I think I'd go with a bear. I fancy my chances against a bear. A swarm of bees, there's too many of them. I think a bear, I could poke it in the eye or something like that and get rid of it pretty quickly.

that's happened to me before. I ended up butt-naked, running through my front yard. So yeah, I think I could handle bees better than a bear. -Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns: Oooooh, bees. I feel like I could run away from the bees. Not the bear. I think it would walk me down. And then [bears] like climb trees and stuff, too, so like I think the bees would be the best way to go. I'd jump in water or something. And that's happened to me before. I ended up butt-naked, running through my front yard. So yeah, I think I could handle that better than a bear.

Jim Ross: Hm. Well, preferably neither, but I guess I think I'd probably take my chances with a bear.

Santino Marella: Uh, bear. Because I would only have one thing to worry about, instead of multiple things.

Dolph Ziggler: A bear, because if you fought it off, it would be really cool. Like, "Oh I beat this bear," or, "I died by this bear." You know? It's very valiant. But like, "Oh a bunch of bee stings!" "I got a bunch of paper cuts!"

Justin Gabriel: I can probably fight a bear. Bees? Not so much. You can't fight ‘em.

Ricardo Rodriguez: A bear, because I saw on "Family Guy" that if you make yourself big, you might be able to scare it off. So I think I'd have a better chance with the bear.