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WrestleMania 30 results: The Usos retain WWE Tag Team Championship

The Usos are still tag team champions after a very fun opening WrestleMania match.

Jimmy and Jey Uso are still the WWE Tag Team Champions, and in pretty fun fashion. They pinned Cesaro clean to retain their titles, leading to The Real Americans finally breaking up.

The Usos have been tag team champions since defeating the New Age Outlaws, who have decided they'd rather help Kane take down The Shield than pursue another run with the bronze belts. The Real Americans have been regular challengers, but haven't been able to come away with the straps yet, and they've been teasing a breakup for nearly two months. RybAxel and Los Matadores, meanwhile, haven't come particularly close to winning the tag titles before this.

After WWE's panel spent lots of time talking about how the Usos did not have to get pinned to lose their titles, Josh Mathews announced that the match had been turned into an elimination match. And why not? Those are the best kind of fatal four-way matches anyway.

Before eliminating anyone, the teams found a way to get everyone on the outside of the ring so Los Matadores and their mascot El Torito could do a high spot and knock over their competitors like bowling pins. But unfortunately for them, they were the first team eliminated. Just seconds after their big moment, Jack Swagger eliminated whichever one of Diego or Fernando tapped out to the Patriot Lock. Michael Cole didn't seem to know who it was, so apologies for struggling to identify identically dressed identical twins correctly.

The Real Americans got their second consecutive elimination on RybAxel in thoroughly entertaining fashion. Swagger was about to eat a Shell Shock from Ryback when Cesaro tagged himself in without his partner's knowledge, then hit a European uppercut to set up a Neutralizer on THE BIG GUY, giving us what we all wanted. As much as everyone loves Ryback's Twitter account, Usos-Real Americans is what we came to see.

It took a while for the crowd to get into the match, but by the time the match got down to these four, they were completely behind all of the performers and less interested in getting a particular winner than an awesome match. And they got that, with another five minutes of great work. The Usos retained when they hit Cesaro with a double splash off the top rope, after Cesaro inadvertently crashed into his tag team partner.

After the match, we got what we've been waiting for: Cesaro busted out the Giant Swing on Swagger. Are The Real Americans broken up for good?