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WrestleMania 30 results: Daniel Bryan beats Triple H to earn a title shot

YES! YES! YES! Oh crap that chair shot was nasty. But YES! YES! YES!

Daniel Bryan is going to wrestle for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event at the end of WrestleMania, but WWE's all in on the overcome the odds storyline. He beat Triple H to win his way into the match despite having a bum shoulder, and Trips was so mad about losing that he clocked Bryan in the head with a chair after the match.

With the winner of this match announced as a participant in the main event, it makes sense that Triple H and Daniel Bryan went on to open the event. But still, it's tough not to feel bad for the performers that have to come after them. These entrances and the match absolutely tore the house down in a way that opening matches don't usually do.

The story of Bryan vs. The Authority has been central to everything that WWE has done since SummerSlam. Bryan's taken a detour to battle The Wyatt Family, but the company's central storyline has been about him in some way for the better part of eight months. He's been kept down by Triple H and his associates, talked his way into this match by hijacking an episode of Monday Night Raw and now gets a WrestleMania to make himself into a main event mainstay.

Everything was perfectly paced with both men getting in plenty of offense leading into the business end of the match. Triple H appeared to have it won when he caught a flying knee attempt by Bryan and turned it into a spinebuster, then hit Bryan with the Pedigree. But Bryan kicked out of The Game's finisher, he was incredulous and Stephanie McMahon was stunned.

Bryan countered numerous other pedigree attempts after that and managed to turn his fourth or fifth counter into a finisher of his own. With the Pedigree seemingly locked in, Bryan flipped over Triple H's shoulders, backed up and then connected with the flying knee before pinning the COO clean. The roof blew off the Superdome.

Then Steph slapped Bryan and Triple H proceeded to beat the living hell out of Bryan. Have fun in the main event, D-Bry!