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WrestleMania 30 results: AJ Lee keeps her Divas title

She did not skip around the ring for 5 minutes, which is unfortunate.

The female version of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal -- a mechanism designed to get everyone a WrestleMania check -- was not as well executed as it was well intentioned. But AJ Lee retained the Divas Championship, so we're not complaining.

AJ Lee is the longest reigning WWE Divas champion in history, a fact she likes to rub in everyone's face. Her character is as pure heel as characters come, but most fans cheer her because she's arguably the best female wrestler in WWE, and because she's CM Punk's girlfriend. She's retained her title by getting intentionally disqualified a few times, which pisses everyone off in storyline.

So Vickie Guerrero set up a 14-woman invitational with one fall to a finish, which should have resulted in a crazy long match. But instead, because this is just the bridge match between Undertaker losing and the main event, it lasted less than 10 minutes. AJ made Naomi tap to the Black Widow to keep her title.