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WWE Superstars tell us about their favorite things

Does Stardust prefer waffles or pancakes? What's "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's favorite TV show? Find all the answers right here.

Michael Loccisano

Other than Bo Dallas, who would you say is the dampest WWE Superstar?

Brie Bella: Is it bad if I say Adam Rose?

The Miz: Seth Rollins. If you’re on the Shield, you’re damp.

Sheamus: Roman Reigns is pretty damp. Puts all that conditioner in his hair. Damp damp, though … Ryback. Ryback literally has a spray bottle, like an industrial-sized spray bottle of water that’s empty as he walks out there. He literally sprays every part of his body with that thing.

Cesaro: What does damp mean? Oh! Roman Reigns, hands down! He beats Bo Dallas. Watch him when he comes out. His hair is legit still sweating, and like, his suit is drenched. Seth Rollins, maybe, too.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Man, that’s a good question. I don’t know how to answer that one. I’ll tell you what: Ahmed Johnson, over in Germany. Ahmed was one of the biggest dudes ever and he would put that baby oil on. And trying to sling him into the ropes was like holding onto greased lightning. And he was so big and strong, you couldn’t grab a hold of him! So Ahmed Johnson was the slipperiest guy I ever wrestled.

Damien Sandow: As in, wet? Next question.

Bad News Barrett: I’d probably go with Roman Reigns. He’s got a real slick look going. I don’t know what he puts in his hair, if it’s baby oil or conditioner, or chip fat oil or what. But he looks very slick.

Do you prefer waffles or pancakes?

Jimmy Hart: I really like the waffles with strawberry jam on them, at the Waffle House. I was raised in Memphis. The Waffle House was a rarity for us. Denny's was the big time. And if you got to go to Shoney's, oh my gosh! Those were the big things for us, back then.

Brie Bella: It’s funny, because [Daniel] Bryan and I were like, "We need to start being really good [on our diets]." I am a very healthy eater, but … pancakes. Buttermilk pancakes. Or like banana pancakes. Actually, there’s a place I go to every Wednesday [laughs] called the Chestnut, in Phoenix. I get my banana pancakes there. But they do have protein in them. I love pancakes over waffles, but Bryan and I love French toast. You get us some good French toast, with maple syrup and powdered sugar …

Daniel Bryan: Pancakes. But I prefer French toast.

Goldust: Neither. Eggs, meat. You know?

Stardust: Amongst the Earth food? Pan-cakes. There was a performer here. A very renowned singer. Elvis Presley, who had an affinity for peanut butter and bananas. People call that "The Elvis." They make sandwiches, but every now and then, they imbue pancakes with those properties. Banana pancakes, peanut butter chips. I like that.

The Miz: Waffles, especially from Waffle House. Pecan waffle with peanut butter.

Sheamus: Pancakes. Throw a little bit of syrup on there and then throw it down the hatch. But I will eat waffles if I eat Waffle House and there’s no other options. You shouldn’t really be eating pancakes if you’re wearing spandex all the time, so I’ll try to leave them to last. Hopefully, by the time I get to pancakes, my belly’s full from whatever else I’ve been eating. Decent breakfast.

Cesaro: [Laughs] There’s a George Carlin reference that comes to mind. Sponsored by the International House of Pancakes: F waffles!

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Man, nine times out of 10, pancakes, on that 10th day, gotta go with the waffle. Pancakes.

Damien Sandow: Neither

Bad News Barrett: You know what? I don’t eat either. They’re very American. I’m very British. I like fish and chips. I’ll take those over either.

What's your favorite animal?

Jimmy Hart: I had a German shepherd named Love, before he passed away. I still like the old German shepherds.

Daniel Bryan: I do love dogs. I really have a fascination with elephants and rhinos, though. And I also love ants. So it’s very difficult to say. [Ants] are very much like humans. I’m fascinated by the idea. Did you know that you can follow an ant trail essentially from the eastern United States all the way to Portland? It’s one continuous thing. That’s unbelievable. Unbelievable.

Goldust: Dog. I have a yellow Lab. I love Labradors. And I bought my wife an English mastiff. Just dogs, period. But definitely Labs are my favorite. Chocolate Labs, yellow Labs.

Stardust: Siberian husky. I have a very good friend who owns a Siberian husky. It was a runt that we were convinced was going to be 300 pounds and is not big at all. But we love him all the same.

I used to have cats when I was younger and I think every good bad guy in a movie always has a cat he can stroke. I always liked petting a cat. -Bad News Barrett

The Miz: Dogs. Min-Pins and Dobermans. Because I have a min-pin and a Doberman. Mocha and pumpkin. I [also] have two cats, Spice and Latte. So I have Pumpkin Spice Latte and Mocha.

Sheamus: Favorite animal’s a dog. I love dogs. I had two favorite dogs. One was an old English sheepdog, the big fluffy white one, and an Australian shepherd. Very very smart and kind of like people.

Cesaro: Cat. Or big cat. Same thing. Lions, tigers. Snow leopard. Also called the ghost leopard.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: I dig the great white shark. I think it’s the ultimate underwater predator.

Damien Sandow: A dog. My dog, Chase, a yellow Labrador retriever.

Bad News Barrett: Favorite animal is the cat. I used to have cats when I was younger and I think every good bad guy in a movie always has a cat he can stroke. I always liked petting a cat. I think one of them on top of my Bad News podium would have really sent me to the next level and would have probably turned me into the next John Cena or something like that.

What's your favorite movie?

Jimmy Hart: James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause.

Brie Bella: Life is Beautiful. That movie touched me when I first watched it, which had to be over 10 years ago.  There was just … the message, and I forgot the whole time that I was watching something with subtitles. The story just captivated me and it felt like it was speaking in English, when it wasn’t. There [are] so many moments in that movie I’ll never forget. Yeah. Life is Beautiful.

Daniel Bryan: My standard answer for this is When Harry Met Sally, because I’ve watched that movie a million times.

Goldust: Star Wars. Empire Strikes Back. I think [Episode VII is going to be good]. Even though Disney’s got it, I think it’s going to be fine. We’re in good hands with [J.J.] Abrams. [Star Trek] Into Darkness? Was that the one? Or was it Out of Darkness? That was a badass movie. I really dug it.

Stardust: Spaceballs. So many science fiction tales are inaccurate, but what would we expect? Gene Roddenberry … this is a difficult subject. The idea of a utopia in the future, as Star Trek has brought to us, is probably the closest it is to reality. And me telling you, from my experience. That’s the type of sci-fi I like. I don’t like the apocalyptic sci-fi.

The Miz:It all depends on what genre we’re going with. If we’re going with, like, old-school horror, I would go Freddy Krueger. If we’re going with a thriller, action kind of deal, Layer Cake. If we’re going old school, Lost Boys. If we’re going comedy, Dumb & Dumber. Action, Die Hard.

Sheamus: Man, I just had this in me head the other day. Tryin' to think here, one sec. I'll just go old school: Ghostbusters.

Cesaro: Gladiator. [As for a ] German film, would be Bud Spencer. Pick one. What's the movie name again? Something about Rio.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: One of them would be Cool Hand Luke. Because sometimes nothing is a real cool hand. Jeremiah Johnson would be in that category, too.

Damien Sandow: That one's tough to say. I like books.

What's your favorite TV show?

Jimmy Hart: You know what? I still love "Leave it to Beaver." Because I think everyone wanted, back in the day, a mom and dad like that, a family where they come home and you've got a nice house and you have your own bedroom. Unfortunately, I had none of that, so [laughs] I think that's why I wanted it!

Brie Bella: I think the one that nails it – I think it’s because I’m a woman – is "Sex & the City." Women could relate to every character. We’re in an era where we’re not conservative with sex, let’s be honest, and when that show came out and it showed women, so what? This is what I feel and it’s what I’m gonna do. And we thought only men were like that. And it was the first show that we could sit back and say, "Okay, I’m not alone!" And I just loved it. Who didn’t like watching Carrie smoke her cigarettes, blogging, before blogging even became a deal. And talk about fashion and talk about relationships and have these men. It was perfect. It is [strange that I’m on a television show now.] I wonder if anyone ever looks at "Total Divas" and relates to [our] issues and problems. They have to, right? So it is crazy. It’s really crazy.

Daniel Bryan: I don’t watch television.

Goldust: Game of Thrones. That’s actually my dog’s name: Khaleesi.

The Miz:Right now? "Game of Thrones." I just got into it about two weeks ago, and me and [Chris] Jericho are on the fourth season. We’ve literally been watching it as we go [on tour]. And I was one of those guys … I don’t like period pieces. And everyone was like, "No, you have to see this." I’ve seen every single show now. "Sons of Anarchy?" Awesome. "Walking Dead?" Awesome. "Breaking Bad?" Amazing. And now I’m like, what do I watch next? Everyone’s like, "Game of Thrones," [but] I’m like, "I don’t want to watch this." So I watched the second season, first episode. And I couldn’t get into it, because all the characters were … whatever. But then. But then, I was like "I’m gonna do it," this last trip to Australia. And Jericho was doing it at the same time. We both were like [reacting animatedly]: "OH! OH! AWW! UHHH!" It was great. Love it.

Cesaro: WWE Network! Only $9.99!

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Favorite TV show right now? Dig this: It’s either "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette," because that’s what me and my wife watch together.

Damien Sandow: I like books.

Bad News Barrett: I like watching CNN. I like watching Anderson Cooper, something like that.

What's your favorite 90s sitcom?

Brie Bella: It would have to be "Friends." "Friends" to me was just the greatest. I always felt like I was related to Monica, because I feel like I have a little OCD in me, but I can relate with her and have those freakout moments.

Daniel Bryan: "The Simpsons?" Is that a sitcom?

Goldust: I’m not a big sitcom fan. We didn’t have much time to watch TV [in the 90s], we were traveling so much.

Stardust: "Seinfeld?" Is that a sitcom? Yeah, "Seinfeld." A show about nothing. If anything describes the human condition … "Seinfeld."

The Miz: "Seinfeld." I think everyone says that.

Sheamus: "Seinfeld." Wait, wait. American, "Seinfeld," English/Irish would be "Father Ted." Brilliant.

Cesaro: What would qualify as a 90s sitcom? When I was a kid, I watched "Knight Rider." That’s not 90s, that’s 80s.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Oh man, I can’t remember the 90s. What was popular back in those days. Oh, "Seinfeld." "Seinfeld," forget it. I wasn’t a "Friends" guy, wasn’t a "90210" guy. We’ll go with "Seinfeld," hands down.

What's your favorite album?

Jimmy Hart: The Gentrys, Keep on Dancin'. [Laughs]

Brie Bella: Oh, my gosh. Oh, this is so tough, because I love music. Right now, I’m into like Bright Eyes and the Lumineers and I just downloaded Band of Horses. I was just listening to them on the airplane. I love lyrics. I’ll never take anything away from like Miley [Cyrus] and Katy Perry, because what they’re doing is amazing, but for me, when I get songs that have lyrics that just touch you, that’s the stuff.

Bria Bella and Daniel Bryan, Getty Images

But I’m a huge Black Crowes fan, always have [been]. I got this tattoo [points to peace sign tattoo on her ankle], a peace sign, after I went to the Black Crowes, like, I don’t know, five year ago or something. Do they have a Greatest Hits album or something? [My favorite album] would be that. The Black Crowes, gosh. I’ve listened to them since I’ve been young and I can never get over them. I grew up on rock ‘n’ roll and country. My parents had me, they were barely 19. I was born in 1983, so I listened to Guns ‘N Roses nonstop, Led Zeppelin. My friends were listening to New Kids on the Block, I was like, "Who?" So I’ve always stayed true to rock ‘n’ roll.

Daniel Bryan: Just because I’m from Washington, I almost have to go with the Nirvana Unplugged album. I’ll have to go with that.

Goldust: Willie Nelson, Willie and Family Live.

Stardust: Do people buy albums, still? I have a friend, and that friend played for me, many, many moons ago … And this – just something you should know – the sun is bigger, 400 times bigger, to be exact … what was the question? Happiness is Not a Fish that You Can Catch, by Our Lady Peace.

The Miz: Hysteria, by Def Leppard. They’re my favorite band of all time.

Sheamus: Have to be Pearl Jam, Ten.

Damien Sandow: Beethoven's Ninth.

What's your preferred pizza topping?

Jimmy Hart: Let me tell you: bell pepper. Cheese and bell pepper is the only way to go. Banana pepper every now and then. But well done and thin crust.

Brie Bella: Jalapeños. I love spice. And you know what’s really weird? I’m lactose intolerant, so I always get cheeseless pizza with pepperoni and jalapeños. And people are always like, "Why don’t you get breadsticks?" No, I want a pizza!

Daniel Bryan: Oh, gosh. I like red pepper flakes.

Goldust: Double cheese, double sausage, double hamburger, extra pepperoni, extra sauce. Thin crust. Garlic. The less crust, the less guilty I feel. [Laughs]

Stardust: Pizza, the saucer-shaped, Italiano … ? I’m a simpleton, as complex as this all can be. And the nonsense that Stardust and Goldust tend to speak occasionally, and though it all does make sense, sometimes you just gotta strip it down and be naked. And if we’re all just gonna be naked: pepperoni.

The Miz: Cheese, obviously. But there’s a pizza place in Hollywood called Hollywood Pies and it’s Chicago deep dish, more or less. They put meatballs and sausage and pepperoni and mozzarella, it’s incredible.

Sheamus: Ham. Or ham and pineapple.

Cesaro: Mozzarella cheese. And I mean it has to be mozzarella on a pizza, not whatever Americans put on it.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: I’m a big pepperoni pizza guy, or sometimes it’s gonna be the … what’s the one with everything on it? The supreme. But hands down, if I gotta go to a go-to pizza, pepperoni.

Damien Sandow: I don’t eat pizza.

Bad News Barrett: I just like plain cheese. I’m a very plain, basic guy.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Jimmy Hart: I hardly ever eat ice cream, but I like the banana.

Brie Bella: I’m so basic, but I like homemade vanilla ice cream. You know that, like vanilla bean? But I like homemade, gooey, with hot fudge on top.

Daniel Bryan: I like banana.

Goldust: Probably vanilla. Pretty plain with the ice cream.

Stardust: Again, we’re all naked. Neapolitan? Just three nakeds.

The Miz: Chocolate.

Sheamus: Anything with Ben & Jerry’s on the cover.

Cesaro: Chocolate.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Man, I gotta go just standard, just chocolate.

Damien Sandow: I don't eat ice cream.

Bad News Barrett: Again, vanilla. Very plain guy. There’s not too much excitement going on in my life.

What's your favorite sports team?

Jimmy Hart: Here's why I never say that, and I'll tell you why: I like so many of them. Living in Tampa, if I don't say Tampa [Bay Buccaneers], then I'll get heat from that. Then if I say Boston, the people in New York hate me. But I have favorite stars. I like [Tom] Brady. I like the Manning boys. I like [Lovie Smith], who's just come in to work for Tampa. I'd like to always see [the Memphis Grizzlies] do good, [since I'm] from down there. But I love LeBron James, you know? It took a lot, on his part, to leave Cleveland and go to Miami, and then leave there to go back. It's like wrestling: it's like how the fans can turn on you when you leave, but when you come back, they love you.

Brie Bella: Philadelphia Eagles, baby! And I hate saying this, but I feel like this season’s another [re]building year. We have Mark Sanchez as a backup. Whaaaat. Foles, you know what, he was impressive last season. There was a couple little things that he needs to work on and hopefully this preseason he gets it out of his system and we’ll have a pretty good year. But it’s like, can we win a Super Bowl in my lifetime? Please?

Honestly, I am incredibly intrigued by greyhound racing. -Stardust

Last night, Bryan thought I was insane, because I’m in two fantasy leagues. And it was our draft last night. So we’re hurrying back to our hotel. Oh my gosh! The Internet wasn’t working, so I couldn’t draft. Every time I would try, it would kick me off. [Bryan] goes, "You’re being crazy." I’m like, "You don’t understand! The computer’s picking for me! This is not right!" I was losing my mind last night. It actually picked Adrian Peterson for me. And I looked at the computer and I was like, "Okay, I understand. We’re good." My team isn’t too bad. The only thing is, I have a couple of Redskins and Cowboys players on there and even though this is fantasy, at the same time, I bleed green, so I’m looking at them like, "Why the hell are they on my team?"

Daniel Bryan: Seahawks. I was a [Mariners] fan growing up, but I stopped paying attention to baseball and basketball long ago. Just Seahawks. That and MMA are the only sports I follow.

Goldust: Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns.

Stardust: Honestly, I am incredibly intrigued by greyhound racing. There is a sport on Rigel that contests an indigenous being, that is almost like a kangaroo, malamute and a greyhound all together. The chucknee. And the chucknee race, and at the end of the race, they fight to the death. That is the closest parallel.

The Miz: Any Cleveland [sports]. Lake Erie Monsters, bro.

Sheamus: Liverpool [for] football team, Leinster [for] rugby team. Fella, Man United lost 2-1 at home to Swansea today. Can you believe how happy I am? At home! Oh, I was so happy!

Cesaro: Swiss national football team. F.C.? I pick F.C. Lucerne.

Damien Sandow: University of Louisville Cardinals.

Bad News Barrett: It’s a soccer team from England called Preston North End, which nobody in the USA has ever heard of. They are in Division I, which is really Division III, because we rename everything to sound better than it actually is. We’d need to get promoted this year AND promoted next year [to reach the EPL] so we’re a bit of a way off at this point. Eventually, in my lifetime, we will get to the EPL. I am not prepared to die before that happens.

What's your favorite chain restaurant?

Jimmy Hart: Waffle House. Here's my new country song I'm gonna cut when I go back home. It's called "The Blue Light special." It goes:

My girl, she loves Wal-Mart
Macy's ain't her thing
We like to eat at the Waffle House
Smothered and covered on everything
And every Sunday morning, we watch Joel Osteen
‘Cause she's my blue light special
She means everything to me

You heard it first, right here, baby.

Brie Bella: I’m not big into chains, I always go for local foods, but if I had to, gosh how sad this is to say, but Chipotle. It’s nice to get a bowl with some black beans, hot sauce and chicken.  You want to know something amazing? I took a selfie one time, because you know how cool the [Chipotle] walls are? So I did a selfie against it, thinking no one will know I’m in a Chipotle. All of my comments were like, "Oh, you’re in Chipotle!" I was like, damn. I thought this looked like a farmhouse! And everyone called me out. It was awesome. Everyone was like, "She’s taking selfies in Chipotle!" I’m like, "Yep. I am."

Daniel Bryan: I appreciate Chipotle, because they source a lot of their food locally. So I can appreciate that.

The Miz: Well, it all depends. On the road, favorite chain restaurant would have to be Outback or Texas Roadhouse. In Hollywood, [California Pizza Kitchen].

Goldust: Texas Roadhouse. Oh, I know what it is: Whataburger. Pretty much Texas [across the board].

Stardust: Chain restaurant. Did you know, if at Denny’s, you got a bowl that was the size of Saturn … don’t ask me where this Denny’s is, or how you can get the bowl. But if you got a bowl the size of Saturn, and you put Saturn in that bowl with water, Saturn would float. Legitimate. And that is a fact. It’s a gaseous planet.

[Daniel Bryan walks up and asks Stardust about interstellar dust.] Interstellar dust? They just discovered some! Outside of our solar system for the very first time. Fascinating! Did you know you can wear that shirt on Venus? Because they don’t have seasons.

What was the question? I told you about Denny’s. No, I don’t even like Denny’s. Shake Shack. Do you know about Shake Shack? A very – as the kids call it – "hot girl," who is friends with Stardust – friends – told me about Shake Shack. She’s on Twitter at RealEdenWWE. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Twitter. Married to a friend of mine, Cody Rhodes.