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Brock Lesnar retains WWE title in classic at Royal Rumble, beating John Cena, Seth Rollins

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This was amazing.

The main event of WrestleMania looks set to include Brock Lesnar as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He retained his title at the Royal Rumble, pinning Seth Rollins to defeat the former Shield member, as well as his recent nemesis and No. 1 contender John Cena.

Lesnar has been the champion since SummerSlam, where he beat Cena in truly dominant fashion. But just because he's champion doesn't mean that Lesnar's contract changed, so he hasn't been on TV or at pay-per-views for most of his title reign. That means that, for months, the real title-related feud has taken place between Cena and Rollins, the Money in the Bank winner.

Rollins lost to Cena at TLC in a No. 1 contender match, seemingly setting up a one-on-one title match between Cena and Lesnar at this event. But when Rollins tricked Cena into putting The Authority back into power, they inserted Rollins into this match as a reward, making it a triple threat. And rendering the previous PPV that you spent money on pointless, but shhhhh.

That stipulation also turned the match into a no disqualification contest, which let Rollins' lackeys J&J Security get involved. They did early and got destroyed by Lesnar. The Beast destroyed both of his competitors early, hitting multiple suplexes on both of them.

Things started to get a bit more frantic and unpredictable when Lesnar put Cena in a kimura lock. Rollins hit a flying knee on Lesnar to break it up, and the two challengers had to work together to put Lesnar down with a suplex of their own. Cena hit Lesnar with an Attitude Adjustment, which Rollins tried to capitalize on by throwing Cena out of the ring, but Lesnar kicked out after just a one count.

In a crazy reminder of how good these three are at pro wrestling, Lesnar caught Rollins on a jump off the top rope, then immediately hit him with an F5, which Rollins sold like it killed him. Cena broke up the pin, then not long after, hit Lesnar with two rolling AAs. Rollins broke up that pin, then hit Lesnar with a Curb Stomp. Cena broke up that pin. Lesnar probably would have kicked out anyway, because Lesnar. After he got up, he got MURDERDEATHKILLED AGAIN by Cena, who speared him through a barricade.

The big spot of the match came when Cena hit Lesnar with the stairs, then dumped him on the Spanish announce table. Rollins, spotting an opportunity to potentially take out Lesnar, climbed to the top rope and hit an incredible high-flying elbow, busting through the table. He could have jumped over the dang thing if he wanted to.

With Lesnar down, Rollins and Cena had the ring to themselves for an extended period of time and got some great work in, but no big finishers. Cena had Rollins in an STF, but J&J came to their man's rescue, breaking up the hold, then setting up a triple powerbomb, though Cena kicked out. And while that was going on, EMTs brought a stretcher out for Lesnar.

From the SB Nation blog network: Cageside Seats' Royal Rumble recap

Cena, being Cena, got to have some fun hitting a double AA on J&J, then one on Rollins for good measure, but Rollins somewhat surprisingly kicked out. Right after that, Michael Cole reported that Lesnar had 'at least' a broken rib. Rollins went on to hit a Curb Stomp shortly afterwards, but in fitting fashion, kicked out, and Mr. Money in the Bank looked absolutely incredulous.

He reacted by hitting an absolutely ridiculous 450 moonsault, but Lesnar got up before he could make a pin and suplexed both competitors. Rollins flipped himself onto his feet on Lesnar's second suplex attempt, then grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase and hit Lesnar twice. He thought he had the match won, but Lesnar caught Rollins which he was trying to deliver his third shot to the champ, pulled him up for the F5, then pinned Rollins to retain the title.

This is the best match this company has put on in years, and maybe the best Cena has ever been involved in.