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SummerSlam 2015 results: Stephen Amell and Neville beat King Barrett and Stardust

As far as celebrity matches go, we've certainly seen worse.

Actor Stephen Amell decided to compete in his first WWE match at SummerSlam on Sunday night, and he fared about as well as David Arquette did in the ring, though he isn't a World Heavyweight Champion yet. Amell and Neville defeated King Barrett and Stardust, who looked pretty mad about losing.

Not long after Neville's debut, WWE started portraying him and Stardust as comic book characters. Somewhat tangentially, Stardust started calling out Amell, who plays Oliver Queen, the superhero The Green Arrow on the TV show Arrow. Amell was in attendance at last week's edition of RAW, where Stardust slapped him. Amell sprinted into the ring and started to brawl before getting hauled off by security.

Alongside Neville, who had been beefing with Stardust for a while, Amell asked Triple H to give him a match against Stardust at SummerSlam. He took Neville as his tag team partner, while Stardust recruited Barrett -- who also feuded with Neville -- to join him.

Amell spent more time in the match than you might expect, though the only offense he got in was a hip toss. Otherwise, he spent the whole thing getting beat up before finding a way to crawl to his corner and tag Neville in. After that, things got a little rosier for the good guys.

After Neville forced Barrett and Stardust to the outside, Amell hit both of them with a crossbody off the top rope, then rolled Barrett into the ring. That set up Neville for a Red Arrow, which he hit off the top rope to get the pinfall win.