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Survivor Series 2016 results: Bayley helps 'RAW' women win elimination match

With the help of Bayley and her fellow Horsewomen, the 'RAW' women's team picked up the first Survivor Series win of the night.

The first match of Survivor Series 2016 was a traditional one between the RAW and SmackDown women. Bayley and Charlotte Flair ended up being the sole survivors in RAW's victory, with Becky Lynch being the last one eliminated.

The women made their entrances, but Nikki Bella never came out despite her music playing. She was seen backstage laid out with an unknown attack, so team captain Natalya stepped in to fill her place in the match. Carmella and Alicia Fox started off in the ring, before Lynch, the SmackDown Women's Champion, tagged in. Flair, the RAW Women's Champion, tagged herself in and there was more dissension with the RAW team.

Things quickly broke down into a massive brawl before the referee restored order. Carmella was the first one eliminated, getting pinned by Fox. Fox didn't last long afterwards, as a Twisted Bliss from Alexa finished her off.

Nia Jax took over the match, sending Naomi outside to the floor and beating her down. Naomi got eliminated by countdown, giving the RAW team a 4-on-3 advantage.

Sasha Banks got involved in the ring, setting up hitting Nattie and Alexa with the double knee stomps in the corner. She tried going for the Bank Statement, but Bliss knocked her from behind and Nattie rolled up Sasha for the elimination. Nattie nailed Charlotte with a German suplex and a vicious sit-out powerbomb, with Nia forced to save Charlotte from the pin. Charlotte recovered and eliminated Natalya with a big boot to the face.

With only two women left on both teams, Bliss and Becky tried double-teaming Nia, but Jax dropped them both with a double suplex. Becky locked in the Disarmer and forced Nia to submit. However, Jax quickly got up and ragdolled Becky around the outside. Another boot from Charlotte led to Bliss's elimination, leaving Becky as the only member left of the SmackDown team.

Becky made a valiant attempt to stay in the match, dropping Charlotte with a missile dropkick, but Bayley made the save. Bayley and Becky went at it together in the ring and Bayley hit a pumphandle suplex for two. After some more back-and-forth action, Bayley escaped a Disarmer attempt and hit Bayley To Belly, giving Team RAW the victory.

Bayley had no time to celebrate before Charlotte jumped her from behind, throwing her around the barricades in a vicious beatdown. This presumably sets up Charlotte and Bayley to renew their rivalry from NXT.