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Daniel Bryan reveals he suffered from post-concussion seizures

One day after his retirement, the former WWE Superstar appeared on ESPN to talk about the severity of head trauma.

Former WWE world champion Daniel Bryan's first post-retirement interview was with Jonathan Coachman of ESPN's SportsCenter on Tuesday night. The opening focus of the interview was the importance and severity of concussions and head trauma. You can watch that conversation above.

While talking to Coachman, he publicly revealed for the first time that he suffered from seizures while attempting to return to wrestling.

One of the things that's been hard about this is I have had post-concussion seizures that I've hid for a long time. There was never any evidence to see why I would have these seizures but then we finally found some

Bryan said that individuals have a responsibility to themselves to treat head trauma with the gravity it requires. He hopes that up-and-coming and younger talent will hear what he has to say about taking precautions to limit head trauma.

Bryan and Coahcman covered quite a few topics, including what Bryan will miss most about life as a pro wrestler. That discussion, which you can see below, included at least one road story and wistful remembrances of Ryback's past.

Also on the lighthearted front, Bryan shared a story that many wrestling fans have already heard: the birth of the "YES" chant. Bryan, of course, originally came up with it to be annoying.

WWE and wrestling fans everywhere will miss Daniel Bryan in the ring, but it's good to know that he'll be around, giving interviews and being his same goofy self.