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WrestleMania 32 results: Kalisto pins Ryback to retain US Championship

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Perhaps size doesn't matter, after all.

Ryback challenged Kalisto for his US Championship, arguing that as the bigger guy he had the clear advantage in this match. But the diminutive luchadore outsmarted The Big Guy, beating him in an exciting pre-show match to retain the title and officially kick off the WrestleMania card.

Kalisto is making his WrestleMania debut here, and he came out in style, coming to the ring in a sweet dragon outfit.

The match stared off as the typical "big man vs. little man" affair, with Ryback throwing Kalisto around and driving him to the mat with heavy shoulder tackles. Kalisto got a two-count with a bulldog off the turnbuckle, but Rybkac easily powered him off.

The fight spilled to the outside, with The Big Guy tossing Kalisto into the barricades and press-slamming him right back inside the ring. Ryback continued working over the US champion, with Kalisto's comebacks only brief and fleeting.

Ryback went to the turnbuckles and put Kalisto up in a delayed vertical suplex, but Kalisto turned it into a near-fall. He hit a DDT and hurricanrana with Ryback on hi knees, and the comeback was on. Kalisto pulled out his flurry of high-speed offense, but Ryback cut off his kicks and planted him with a spinebuster.

The match came to an exciting end when Kalisto hit Ryback in the knees, driving The BIg Guy into an exposed turnbuckle. He turned that into a Salido Del Sol off the ropes, pinning Ryback to retain the title.