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WrestleMania 32 results: Brie Bella taps out Naomi to get win for Total Divas team

Daniel Bryan's wife did Daniel Bryan's moves to get the feel-good win for her team.

Brie Bella is expected to retire soon to be with her husband, Daniel Bryan. As such, she got the crowd behind her in what might be her last WrestleMania match, a 10-women's tag team pitting "Team Total Divas" versus "Team BAD and Blonde." Brie got the feel-good win for her team on this pre-show match.

Summer Rae and Alicia Fox got the action started in the ring. After a minute or so of action, things nearly broke down early, but the ref managed to keep the women's teams separated. After a brief break, Eva and Emma mixed it up for a while, with Eva getting in a decent amount of offense. Eva tagged in Natalya, who quickly got worked over by Emma and later Naomi.

Natalya got a near-fall with a dropkick and tagged in Paige, who ran wild for a while. Naomi tagged Emma back in and Emma hit a great wheelbarrow suplex on Paige for a two-count. Lana officially made her in-ring debut, hitting some hard kicks on Paige. Tamina came in for Lana and the heel team tried setting up a tower of doom. Paige fought them off and hit a big dive, wiping everybody out.

Paige finally made the hot tag to Brie, who hit the Yes kicks on Naomi and nearly got the pin before Lana broke it up. Things started to break down in the ring, with Eva hitting her finisher on Tamina before being laid out by Summer. Alicia took out Summer and Emma nailed Alicia as the match devolved into "everybody get your finishers in."

Brie went up top and prepared to hit her missile dropkick, but Lana knocked her off. No matter, thought -- Brie eventually locked Naomi into the Yes lock, getting the submission win for Team Total Divas. After the match, Brie's injured sister, Nikki, came out to celebrate with the babyface team.