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WrestleMania 32 results: Usos beat Dudley Boyz and put them through tables afterwards

If the Dudleyz won't use tables, then the Usos will.

The Dudley Boyz seemed to have total control of their pre-show match against the Usos, but Jimmy and Jey came back and got a quick win, putting the legendary tag team through a pair of tables for good measure afterwards.

The Usos and Dudleyz have been feuding for some time, mainly centered around the fact that Bubba Ray and D-Von now refuse to use tables. The Dudleyz took control of the match early on, with D-Von working over Jimmy. Bubba Ray tagged in and got in some prime trash talk about the Usos' real-life father, Rikishi.

After Jimmy made a comeback, he got the hot tag to his twin brother Jey, but the Dudleyz quickly cut him off and D-Vonhit the diving headbutt into his crotch. The Usos made their comeback, however, and put away the Dudleyz with their array of superkicks and splash, with Jey getting the pin on D-Von.

Of course, the Dudleyz weren't done even after a loss. They pulled out two tables from under the ring and set them up, clearly breaking their promise to never use tables. However, the Usos cut them with double superkicks and then put away their nemeses with a double splash through both tables.