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WrestleMania 32 results: Undertaker pins Shane McMahon after Hell in a Cell match

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Shane McMahon put his body through literal hell, but it wasn't enough to defeat Undertaker.

Shane McMahon came back to WWE with the promise of taking control of Raw. His father, Vince, granted Shane this power, under one condition: he had to beat The Undertaker, at WrestleMania, inside Hell in a Cell.

Well, after a lot of awkward MMA and some crazy dangerous spots for a 46-year-old, Shane did everything he could to put away Undertaker. Unfortunately for him, the Dead Man was just too powerful and got the pin with a Tombstone Piledriver after a long, slow battle.

The match started with Shane doing his usual flurry of punches, which did little to rattle Undertaker, who took over with his own harsh strikes. Shane got dumped to the floor, Taker got him back him and hit Snake Eyes on the turnbuckle. Undertaker continued to dominate Shane, hitting his trademark leg drop onto the apron.

Undertaker hit Last Ride for a really close two-count, which almost ended this match early on. Taker dragged the stairs into the ring and tried picking up Shane, who countered with a triangle submission. He tried holding on to the choke, but Taker broke free and hit a chokeslam onto the stairs for a two-count.

Shane kept hitting whatever MMA moves he learned since coming back, but Taker kept breaking holds or kicking out. Eventually Taker locked Shane into his Hell's Gate, which Shane somehow countered into a Sharpshooter.

The match continued as a sad facsimile of Bellator until Shane pulled out a trash can from under the ring. He stuffed the can between the ropes next to Taker's face, setting up Coast 2 Coast, which Shane somehow hit at 46 years old.

Naturally, that jump got just a two-count. Shane pulled out some bolt cutters and cut a hole in the cell, setting up a spot where Taker drove him right through panel. Just like that, the match where nobody can escape became a match where EVERYBODY HAS ESCAPED.

Taker cleared off the announce tables, throwing a few monitors in Shane's direction for good measure. He laid Shane on top of a table and set up a Tombstone, but Shane slapped on a rear naked choked while on Taker's shoulders. Taker broke this hold the only way he could: by throwing both himself and Shane through a table.

With Taker down and out on an announce table, Shane channeled his daredevil days of old. He climbed to the top of the cell and made his move, jumping from about 20 feet up through the table. Of course Taker moved out of the way, because not even he's crazy enough to take this jump.

Despite nearly killing himself, Shane wanted even more punishment. Taker happily obliged, hitting the Tombstone piledriver for the pin.