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Bray Wyatt drafted to SmackDown by himself

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Bray Wyatt looks down at Dean Ambrose

Here is all you need to know about Bray Wyatt, who is now officially a member of the SmackDown roster thanks to Tuesday’s WWE brand split draft.

Bray Wyatt can be a dominant force in the WWE

Few wrestlers in the industry right now have the ability to command attention and make the most innocuous moments in a show fascinating like Bray Wyatt does. His charisma and magnetism are astounding, and he makes anything feel bigger and more important just by walking out, with or without the fireflies accompanying him.

But it’s not just his charisma that makes Wyatt so good -- he’s legitimately excellent in the ring, too. He’s powerful, much more athletic than you’d guess at first glance and has a vicious edge to his in-ring work that makes you want to watch every moment of his matches. Even when he’s working alongside a rival, he makes it work, like when he directed Roman Reigns to spear Sheamus while in the middle of pinning Alberto Del Rio.

Given the right opportunity, Bray Wyatt could become one of the biggest stars that the WWE has ever had. If anyone is going to have an opportunity to really shine because of this draft, it’s Bray Wyatt.

Bray isn’t alone, either

Alongside Bray is the Wyatt Family, with Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman standing as two of the biggest, scariest men in the WWE. Rowan is unhinged and has a diverse set of ways to make someone hurt with surprising speed for a man of his size and a vicious side that can change a match.

Speaking of vicious sides, that’s the only side that Strowman has. He made his WWE debut by choking out most of the top babyfaces in the company over his first few weeks, and was most recently seen throwing The New Day around like a bunch of rag dolls in their brawl at the Wyatt Family Compound. And this is all happening with Bray holding him in check -- if Braun is ever truly unleashed, who knows what mayhem could happen?

The crowd is behind the Wyatts

It’s not just the firefly lights for his entrance -- the crowd really is behind Bray Wyatt. No matter his alignment, a huge portion of the fan base will always support him and wish for his success, even if they love whoever his rival is. Bray's magnetism and charisma are infectious, and he uses that to his fullest advantage to get the crowd to practically worship him.

Can you imagine what would happen if Bray ever won the WWE championship? Between the fan reaction and the challenge any of his rivals would have in getting the belt off him, the industry would never be the same again.