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'SmackDown' selects John Cena, keeping AJ Styles feud alive

WWE SummerSlam 2015 Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images

Here is all you need to know about John Cena, who is now officially a member of the SmackDown roster thanks to Tuesday's WWE brand split draft.

His time is (still) now

Perhaps your friends have shown you a gif or video of wrestlers doing insane flips at an indie wrestling show in California or reversing finishers in Japan and you’re wondering who the best wrestler in the world is.

Well there’s only one best wrestler in the world and his name is JOHN CENA.

What’s that you say? Don’t people boo him at every arena he goes to? Isn’t he a cartoon character masquerading as a pro wrestler? Hasn’t he been shoved down everyone’s throats for 15 years?

Well yes, but Cena gets them cheering him for his work on the mic or in the ring, and are you really going to be complain about being asked to eat a $100 steak every week?

Cena is (somehow) underrated

If there’s a Mount Rushmore for pro wrestling, John Cena is on it. While he might never reach the dizzying heights of Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold Steve Austin, the only person who can match his uninterrupted longevity on top is Ric Flair. Cena has been the biggest star in pro wrestling since 2005, but that’s not what’s most impressive about him. What is truly remarkable about John Cena is that, at age 39, he is putting on the best matches of his career and innovating his work in the ring in ways that guys nearly half his age don’t bother to do.

As the U.S. Champion in 2015, Cena’s U.S. Title Open wasn’t just the best part of Raw every week, it was elevating new stars throughout the company. Rusev, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro were all fantastic wrestlers before they ever locked up with John Cena, but Cena helped the world at large, who doesn’t know the difference between PWG and NJPW, see how great they were.

In 2016, a guy who made his name as basically Vanilla Ice the Pro Wrestler is not only consistently putting on some of the greatest matches in the business, but also introducing fans to a whole new set of great wrestlers they have never heard of. What a time to be alive.