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SmackDown drafts NXT tag team American Alpha

Here is all you need to know about American Alpha (Chad Gable and Jason Jordan), who are now officially members of the SmackDown roster thanks to Tuesday’s WWE brand split draft.

Chad Gable is an honest-to-God Olympian

Gable draws Kurt Angle comparisons for many reasons, but the biggest one is that he competed at the Olympics, representing Team USA in London four years ago. After that, Gable moved on to pro wrestling, making his NXT debut in early 2015. However, he wouldn’t find success on the roster until he met a certain giant man who loves suplexing fools ...

American Alpha started off as a happy accident

Jason Jordan is good-looking and also has an amateur wrestling background like Gable, but he was struggling to catch on in NXT for a long time. Gable kept begging to team up with Jordan, but Jordan kept refusing, rotating through a motley crew of tag team partners before finally relenting. It turned out to be the best move of Jordan’s career: American Alpha became an instant hit, making an impressive run in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic before eventually capturing the NXT Tag Team Championships in Dallas this year.

Unfortunately, their tag title reign was short-lived

American Alpha won the titles from The Revival, who proved to be their biggest nemesis in NXT. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder got a rematch at NXT TakeOver: The End, and after another thrilling battle they got their titles back. Gable and Jordan barely had time to absorb the loss before being jumped by the Authors of Pain, the new hoss team managed by Paul Ellering (the former manager of the Road Warriors). Hopefully American Alpha will have better luck on the main roster, but as we’ve seen in NXT, they’ve overcome big odds before.