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SmackDown drafts former United States champ Kalisto

Here is all you need to know about Kalisto, who is now officially a member of the SmackDown roster thanks to Tuesday’s WWE brand split draft.

Kalisto hasn’t even begun to thrive

Kalisto is a luchador in the Rey Mysterio mold, capable of spins and flips and jumps and kicks that wow fans no matter how often they’ve seen them. He also hasn’t even shown off half of what he’s capable of in the ring yet, to the point that it feels like WWE has been holding him back knowing that once everyone sees just how dope he is, there will be no pushing him back to the mid-card.

The mask is there for a reason

WWE recently took famed luchador La Sombra out of his mask and turned him into Andrade Almas down in NXT, as they wanted to take advantage of his charisma and looks. With Kalisto, however, they kept the mask on because they know he’s their shot at another Mysterio-esque main eventer. Given how much WWE’s young fans loved Rey (and bought his masks), that’s a goal worth chasing. Maybe the brand split will help speed that process up.

Once a Lucha Dragon, now a singles competitor

Right before the brand split draft, Kalisto and Sin Cara dissolved their tag team, the Lucha Dragons, in order to both move ahead as singles competitors. Kalisto was United States champion for a time during his WWE run, but for the most part, his career -- both in NXT and on WWE’s main roster -- has been as a tag team wrestler. Officially splitting up and going solo puts him one step closer to unveiling just how ridiculous he is in the ring.