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'RAW' selects Seth Rollins 1st in the WWE draft

Here is all you need to know about Seth Rollins, who is now officially a member of the RAW roster thanks to Tuesday’s WWE brand split draft.

Seth Rollins is one of the most animated superstars on the roster

Just based off his microphone presence alone, Seth Rollins wins fans over. Though he has been a heel for the majority of his post-Shield run, his expressions and reactions make fans laugh and vilify him.

In an age where fans often feel obligated to cheer the heels for doing a great job at being despised, Rollins can use that momentum and turn it around in seconds. Never mind his incessant over-enunciation of words (you can already hear Rollins calling John Cena "JAAAAAAHHHN"). And he’s as charismatic in the ring as he is on the microphone.

Here he is delivering a Phoenix Splash to John Cena, then immediately getting picked up by Brock Lesnar for a German suplex:

Rollins has just returned from a major knee injury

During his run as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins suffered a knee injury during a house show. He was in the middle of a feud that would have probably resulted in him losing the title to Roman Reigns. But we’ll never know what would have gone down at Survivor Series in 2015, as he was stripped of his championship as a result of the injury.

Rollins was out until this May during WWE’s Extreme Rules. He returned to pick up where he left off and vowed to earn the championship, which he never truly lost to Reigns, and he’ll get his chance at Battleground.

Most considered Rollins the weakest link of The Shield

It’s almost silly to think this now, but Seth Rollins was once considered to be the Shield member with the least potential. Fans saw the promise in Dean Ambrose, who had been kept out of television for months while FCW became NXT, and Roman Reigns was viewed as the favorite from WWE brass early, and was even beloved by fans early on. So with those two, who would have imagined that Rollins would have made the biggest impact?

He broke up the legendary trio and found his own earlier than the other two with the help of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and The Authority. Now without affiliation, Rollins is looking to take that even further.