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James Ellsworth released by WWE

The fan favorite every man has left the building.


James Ellsworth has been release by WWE, according to a statement by the company on Wednesday.

Ellsworth began his WWE career being unceremoniously destroyed by Braun Strowman at a time The Monster Among Men had not yet reached his zenith. Positioned as an “every man,” whose “any man with two hands has a fighting chance” promo solidified himself as a memorable character.

Ellsworth quickly became a fan favorite, despite losing to every possible superstar on the roster, and is perhaps best-remembered for his role in the first women’s Money In The Bank match. He won the inaugural match for Carmella in a move that was widely criticized. The company took a marquee event for women superstars, and had a man win the whole thing as a way to generate heat.

Most recently Ellsworth spent WWE’s entire tour of Europe losing to every single superstar in Smackdown’s women’s division, before his release was announced on Thursday.

While WWE officially announced the release as if there were negotiations, some speculate that Ellsworth was always on a one-year deal inside the company and this was expected. He has not made a statement on his release at this time.