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Survivor Series 2017 live updates: Results, highlights, and winners

Did you know that Survivor Series is the one night a year that Raw and Smackdown Live stars compete in in-ring action?

Survivor Series is one of WWE’s oldest traditions, starting even before the Royal Rumble and Summer Slam, and outstripped only by WrestleMania itself. This year’s event certainly lives up to that level, with a card headlined by one of the biggest Raw vs. Survivor Series elimination matches ever, four champion-versus-champion matches, and a battle of two of the most dominant trios that the WWE has ever seen.

Team Raw reigns supreme

The headline match of the night was the five-on-five elimination match between the best of Raw and the best of Smackdown, and it certainly did not disappoint, with a chaotic 30-minute match filled with huge moments.

The opening spell of the match was filled with special little moments, like Braun Strowman throwing Shane McMahon from corner to corner across the ring like he was nothing, Finn Balor squaring off with Shinsuke Nakamura, and Triple H trading Spinebusters with Bobby Roode.

But then the eliminations starting rolling. Strowman eliminated Nakamura and Roode in quick succession, setting off a series of confrontations among Team Raw, with Samoa Joe tagging himself in when Strowman was setting up to take on Shane McMahon again, then Triple H and Kurt Angle getting in each others’ faces after breaking up the argument. That gave Team SmackDown a chance to get back into the match, using teamwork to knock Strowman out of the ring and uniting as a team — including the eliminated Roode and Nakamura — to suplex Strowman throw an announce table.

Shane would try to go high to do more damage to Raw’s giant, but Samoa Joe picked him off the top rope and threw him across the ring, locking in the Coquina Clutch for just a few seconds before McMahon wriggled away and tagged in John Cena. Joe had Cena reeling with a yurinagi slam in the corner, but an argument between Joe and Finn Balor over who would get to finish him off gave Cena the time he needed to recover and hit AA’s on both Balor and Samoa Joe before pinning Joe to eliminate him.

That would be Cena’s last hurrah, though, as Kurt Angle came in to create a moment hearkening back to Cena’s main roster debut against Raw’s General Manager. Just like back in 2002, Angle came out the victor, with a long Ankle Lock sequence countering a Five Knuckle Shuffle, then a pair of Angle Slams bookending a Coup De Grace from Balor sent Cena back to the locker room.

Balor would get a few more licks in, keeping Randy Orton off balance and hitting a vicious drop kick on McMahon against the barricade outside the ring, but a surprise RKO from Orton back in the ring sent Balor back to the showers and left the match at three men for Team Raw and two for Team SmackDown.

It would quickly become three on one, though, after a run in from Kevin Owens and Sami Zayne against Shane McMahon gave Braun Strowman the time he needed to recover from his earlier encounter with the announce table. He made short work of a stranded Orton, setting up a three-on-one encounter with Shane McMahon wounded and all alone against Strowman, Triple H, and Kurt Angle.

Triple H tagged himself in to set up a duel with his brother-in-law, but Angle quickly put himself back into the match to make it captain versus captain, Raw GM versus SmackDown Commissioner. It looked like Angle was going to win it after hitting an Angle Slam and keeping the Ankle Lock on for a long time, but suddenly Triple H came into the ring, spun Angle around, and put him down with a Pedigree, rolling Shane on top of Angle to eliminate him in a shocking moment of betrayal.

But the COO of WWE wasn’t betraying Team Raw — just Kurt Angle. With Strowman looking confused on the ring apron, Triple H helped Shane to his feet, making it look like he was siding with his brother-in-law — but he was just lulling McMahon into a false sense of security, quickly putting him down with a pedigree as well and ending the match with Team Raw victorious.

... but Strowman stands alone

Strowman was left mystified watching Triple H take over the end of the match the way he did, and when the WWE COO paraded around the ring acting like the king of the world, something clicked together in Braun’s mind. As Triple H came in to pal around with Strowman, the giant of Raw wrapped his huge hand around Hunter’s throat and shoved him back into the corner, screaming that if he ever crossed Braun again, Triple H would “never play the game again.”

Triple H tried to get revenge by hitting a Pedigree on Strowman, but couldn’t lock it in on the gigantic man. Instead, he ate a pair of running powerslams for his trouble, and at the end of the night Braun Strowman was the last man standing at Survivor Series.

The Phenomenal Beast

Two weeks ago, fans were given a surprising treat when SmackDown superstar AJ Styles won the WWE Championship, setting up a dream match against Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. It started out as a completely one-sided affair, though, with Lesnar using his superior power to absolutely man-handle Styles in the opening minutes.

Shoulder charge after shoulder charge, suplex after suplex, strike after strike, Lesnar had Styles absolutely reeling, while Lesnar was hardly breaking a sweat. At one point, he even taunted Styles, standing in the middle of the ring telling a punch-drunk Phenomenal One to “fight him,” then batting away Styles’ attempts to hit him with ease. But one small mistake from Lesnar gave Styles the opening he needed, and he showed just why he’s such a huge star in modern day wrestling.

A missed knee strike in the corner left Lesnar staggering, and Styles capitalized with a diving kick to his other knee. Lesnar kept fighting back, including harshly countering an attempted Tornado DDT, but Styles landed a huge Pele Kick to drive Lesnar’s face into the mat, then tried to take Lesnar down with the Phenomenal Forearm.

But Lesnar countered it into another huge suplex, and looked like he was going to put Styles away. Styles was far from done, though, and his ever-dangerous ability to counter saw him take over again, driving Lesnar head-first onto the ring apron, then hitting him with a Phenomenal Forearm outside the ring and driving the Beast Incarnate knee-first into the stairs. Back inside the ring, he had Lesnar in danger with a Calf Crusher, but Brock used his unique brand of brute violence to counter it by simply grabbing Styles’ head and smashing it into the mat over and over again until he broke the hold.

Styles had one last opening, trying to hit yet another Forearm — but Lesnar had it well scouted, picking him out of mid-air for a thunderous F5, driving Styles almost through the mat to pick up a huge win in perhaps the best one-on-one match we’ve seen from Lesnar in WWE.

The Queen dethrones The Goddess

In the battle of the two most talented women in WWE — and oh yeah, the Women’s Champions of Raw and SmackDown — we got a fantastic display of just how good women’s wrestling can be. Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss put on a fantastic show in their match, and it was almost disappointing that it had to come to an end. But in the end, Charlotte reigned supreme, with The Queen asserting herself as the top woman in the company.

But that victory was hard-earned. Early in the match, Charlotte landed face-first falling outside the ring off the apron, and it took a long time before she got her feet back under herself. But once she did, Alexa Bliss had to fight hard to keep Flair at bay, and the match swung back and forth like a pendulum, with both women having to dig deep into their arsenals to find any way to gain an advantage.

Ultimately, Charlotte won with the Figure Eight leglock, her improved version of her father Ric Flair’s patented Figure Four. But to do even get to that point, she had to watch Bliss kick out of both Natural Selection and a wicked spear, two moves from Flair that few women have kicked out of. Bliss may have lost tonight, but she still showed why she was the first woman to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships, because she is fantastically talented and a massive star in her own right.

The Usos put Sheamus and Cesaro behind bars

Sheamus and Cesaro may call themselves The Bar, but they couldn’t overcome the self-styled Usos Penitentiary, with the SmackDown tag team champions taking down their Raw counterparts after an intensely physical, high-quality tag match.

The Bar were in control of the match early, but a hot tag to Jey Uso saw the sons of Rikishi come flying back into the match in a big way, with both Sheamus and Cesaro seeming to be in peril at times. But a smart takeout from Sheamus left Jey isolated with Cesaro, who sent him on his trademark swing before locking in a Sharpshooter. Jey would break it with the ropes, but not before taking a lot of damage to his lower back after being in that famous submission hold for a long, long time.

But another hot tag would see the Usos get back into the match, and a cavalcade of Superkicks saw them take full control, and they wouldn’t let go. Cesaro was cleared out of the ring with one Superkick, then both Usos hit Sheamus in stereo in the middle of the ring. Jimmy tagged Jey as he flew over the top rope to clear out Cesaro with a dive over the top rope, and Jimmy hit a Frog Splash to put Sheamus away, giving SmackDown Live tag team supremacy.

End Of Days for the Miztourage

The first champion-versus-champion match of the night featured SmackDown’s United States Champion Baron Corbin taking down The Miz, Raw’s Intercontinental Champion. It was an excellent match, with Miz coming in absolutely fired up after Baron Corbin insulted his pregnant wife Maryse in the buildup for this match.

But Corbin’s superior power and athleticism gave him a marked edge in the early goings of the match, and it took repeated interference from Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas to level the playing field a bit for the Miz. Corbin was able to work his way to the ropes the break a Figure Four, though, and another attempt at interference from the Miztourage saw Bo meet the End Of Days at Corbin’s hands.

Miz used that distraction to his advantage and seemed to be taking control of the match, using the mocking Yes Kicks he stole from SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan to wear Baron down, but as he transitioned into Bryan’s corner dropkick sequence, Corbin exploded out of the corner to hit the End Of Days once more to put Miz away, standing over his fallen opponent and gloating.

No one is ready for Raw’s women

The women’s elimination match between the non-champion ladies of Raw and SmackDown got off to a heated start, with SmackDown captain Becky Lynch getting eliminated early thanks to a surprise rollup from Bayley. The Huggable One wouldn’t last long herself, though, getting eliminated by a huge splash from Tamina.

The chaotic theme from the opener would continue, though, with Nia Jax and Tamina squaring off before Nia took down the only woman in the match who could hope to match her for power. She didn’t eliminate Tamina, though, and chaos outside the ring ended with Jax getting eliminated via countout, and a miscue from Raw captain Alicia Fox allowed Naomi to get another easy elimination for Team SmackDown.

But Sasha Banks was on the spot to quickly lock Naomi into a Bank Statement to eliminate her, and Carmella lasted only moments against Asuka before almost getting knocked clean out and eliminated to leave the teams even. Natalya would lock horns with Banks and nearly got beaten, but a clutch Shapshooter coupled with Tamina knocking Asuka off the apron forced Banks to tap out, leaving Asuka all alone.

That was no problem for the Empress of Tomorrow, though — she bulldozed through Tamina before locking in a brutal Cross Armbreaker to tap her out, and she powered out of another Sharpshooter before wracking Natalya’s body with a series of submissions before cinching in the Asuka Lock to force Brett Hart’s niece to submit at Survivor Series to give Team Raw their second win of the night.

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The SHIELD clears the yard

Two of the most dominant trios WWE has ever seen kicked off the show in a huge grudge match with the record-setting former tag team champions The New Day squaring off against the reunited SHIELD. The New Day cost Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins their Raw Tag Team Championships a few weeks ago when they “pump faked” a second Smackdown invasion of Raw in the middle of the SHIELD’s match against The Bar. There was a big score to settle here, with the New Day feeling they should be considered the best faction in WWE instead of a group that couldn’t stay together, and the SHIELD wanting to re-establish their own dominance now that they’re back together.

After some posturing and feeling out between Kofi Kingston, Dean Ambrose, Xavier Woods, and Seth Rollins, we got to see a power display as Roman Reigns and Big E squared off, but everything broke down quickly with all six men scrambling into the ring before the SHIELD took over by knocking Big E and Kofi out of the ring and isolating Woods in their corner.

That advantage wouldn’t last for long, though — Woods was able to work himself back to his team’s corner, and then chaos was the order of business. One of the biggest moments of the match came with Dean Ambrose launching himself outside the ring to clatter into Woods to defend Seth Rollins, only for Big E to launch himself in a spear through the ropes to nearly cut Dean in half as he climbed back into the ring, sending both men crashing all the way to the floor.

That set off a spell of New Day dominance, but a timely tag-in from Roman Reigns saved an in-trouble Rollins, using his power to knock Woods silly, setting a back-and-forth sequence that ended with the SHIELD on top, with Ambrose driving Kofi into the mat with a Dirty Deeds that he barely kicked out of. It looked like the SHIELD were about to hit their trademark Triple Powerbomb on Woods, but Big E swooped in for the rescue by pulling Reigns out of the ring and slamming him into the steps, giving The New Day the advantage — then decimating Ambrose with a huge double-splash sequence, then hitting a double Midnight Hour on Rollins and Ambrose that almost won them the match.

Almost, that is, because of Roman Reigns flying in with a spear on Big E to break up the potential pinfall, further extending what had already been a fantastic first match of the night. Things kept swinging back and forth for a bit, but that would be the New Day’s last chance — and a Triple Powerbomb off the second rope after a massive spear from Reigns decimated Kingston would be the move that finally put the New Day away.

The pre-show featured Enzo Amore coming out and firing his usual array of insults at Kalisto, a 205 Live opponent that the WWE Cruiserweight Champion has grown well and tired of dealing with over the last month. The match itself was quite similar — Kalisto carried some stretches of it with his unique Luchador offense, but much of their battle was dominated by Enzo, who used his more street-fighting style to keep Kalisto grounded. He retained his title with relative ease, leaving a big question in who can challenge Amore next to try and take that Cruiserweight Championship away from him.

The pre-show also featured Elias Sampson taking down a seemingly directionless Matt Hardy, and a more interesting match featuring Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn airing their grievances with SmackDown leadership before putting down the Fashion Police team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango.