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WWE Survivor Series 2017 results: The Shield and New Day start the show on a high note

A really fun opening match!

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WWE Survivor Series 2017 started off well, with The Shield defeating The New Day in an energetic, fast-paced opener. This match was just about everything people were hoping for when it came together.

The match happened after The New Day showed up on Raw and cost Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins the Raw Tag Team Championship in England. Last week, Roman Reigns made his return from an illness, re-forming The Shield proper after a month-long absence, and setting up a dream match between two of the best trios teams in WWE history.

Kofi Kingston and Ambrose got the action started in the ring. Rollins and Xavier Woods tagged in and mixed it up for a bit, before Reigns and Big E squared off. The match quickly turned into a sprint, with all six men getting involved.

The Shield got Woods in the corner and took turns beating on him. Woods recovered and tagged in Kingston, who ran wild for a few minutes. Then they got in on the fun, stomping Ambrose in the corner.

Things started breaking down with The Shield and New Day brawling on the outside. Big E wiped out Ambrose with his huge spear to the floor, and Woods kept working on Dean after they got back in the ring. Ambrose made a comeback and got the tag to Rollins, who took out Kingston and got a two-count with a Slingblade. He hit a Buckle Bomb on Woods and Reigns got a nearfall out of it.

Woods rolled up Reigns for two before eating a Superman Punch. Reigns went for a spear which got blocked. The match became wonderfully chaotic with everybody hitting their signature moves. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Kingston, but Woods broke up the pin.

The Shield set up a triple powerbomb, but Big E dragged Reigns out of the ring to break it up. Another parade of finishers led to Woods and Big E double-splashing Ambrose. Big E got both Rollins and Ambrose on his shoulders, while Kingston and Woods hit a combo Midnight Hour. Reigns broke up the pin with a spear on Big E, leaving everybody lying.

Ambrose hit Big E with Dirty Deeds on the floor, taking him out. In the ring, Reigns caught Kofi with a spear and The Shield went for another triple powerbomb, this time going off the top rope. They nailed it perfectly to win the match and pick up a victory for Raw.