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WrestleMania 33 results: Hardy Boys return, win RAW Tag Team titles

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Just as the seven deities have foreseen.

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Matt and Jeff Hardy became the talk of the wrestling world in 2016, reinventing their careers with the “Broken” characters. Now they’re back in WWE and hold tag team gold once again, winning the RAW Tag Team Championships in a ladder match at WrestleMania 33.

The match was scheduled as Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson defending their belts against Enzo & Cass and Cesaro & Sheamus. But before the match started, The New Day (the WrestleMania hosts) declared it’s now a four-way with a new team joining. That team? The Hardy Boys, making their long-awaited return to WWE. The crowd erupted in “delete” chants, referencing the Broken Hardy storyline that was all the rage last year.

The Hardys ran wild early on, looking none worse for the wear despite working a ladder match with the Young Bucks in Ring of Honor just the previous night. Jeff made an early climb for the belts before The Club pushed him off. Cesaro got his leg awkwardly caught in a ladder rung, but appeared to be fine.

The match is about as chaotic as you’d expect, with bodies flying around the ring and men setting up ladders in convoluted spots. Cesaro and Sheamus took control in the middle of the ring, before Big Cass booted Cesaro off the apron. A Brogue Kick from Sheamus sent Jeff onto a pile of men on the outside.

Sheamus nearly got the belts on top of the ladder, but Gallows was there to stop him, and Enzo pushed both men over to the ropes. Enzo and Cass helped each other climb, before Gallows and Sheamus slammed Cass through a ladder on the turnbuckle. Anderson scampered up the ladder to stop Enzo, and Cesaro laid out Enzo with an uppercut.

Matt Hardy tapped into his broken self to hit a Twist of Fate on Anderson off a ladder, before Jeff tapped into his WrestleMania 17 form and nailed a senton off the top of a ladder. Matt climbed the ladder once again and pulled down the belts, winning the tag team titles for him and his obsolete brother.