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SummerSlam 2017 results: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose reunite and celebrate

Two-thirds of the Shield are together again and carrying WWE gold.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins had to work hard to trust each other enough to form a tag team again, a little over two years after Rollins betrayed his former Shield brothers. But at SummerSlam, they trusted each other enough to put on a fantastic performance against Sheamus and Cesaro with the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships up for grabs — and it was enough to end the night in celebration.

Rollins and Ambrose were rolling early, but a miscommunication left the door open for the well oiled Sheamus and Cesaro to take over, and they used their dominant physicality to stop everything the ex-Shield duo threw at them, even a suicide dive from Rollins:

Ambrose and Rollins are a tough pair to keep down, though, and they’d manage to work back into the match, creating a tremendous, back-and-forth affair that was wildly entertaining — except to a few fans who preferred to knock a beach ball around, which Cesaro took great exception to.

Rollins and Ambrose would manage a sustained run of offense against an isolated Sheamus, even working some beautiful cooperative moves on the big Irishman. But they forgot about Cesaro, who was there to break up the pinfall after a big frog splash from Rollins left Sheamus struggling, and then again to keep them from combining to powerbomb his partner.

That gave Cesaro the opening he needed to take control back for his team, locking in a Sharpshooter deep on Ambrose’s back, with Sheamus intercepting Rollins and punishing him with White Noise on the outside of the ring when he tried to swoop in and help. Ambrose wasn’t done, though, fighting out of the submission and then out of a big tandem move from Sheamus and Cesaro to keep the match alive.

It looked like Ambrose was done after a double crucifix powerbomb, but Rollins was finally able to come back in and save his partner, then hit a huge hurricanrana off the top rope on Cesaro, sending him flying into Sheamus and then out of the ring. One high knee from Rollins and a Dirty Deeds from Ambrose later, and they were your new Raw Tag Team Champions.

It’s a big moment for the former brothers, turned enemies, turned reluctant allies. Now their mettle will be tested by an infuriated pair of Cesaro and Sheamus, but for tonight at least, they can celebrate. Ambrose especially has a lot to be happy about, as he’s the newest WWE Grand Slam winner, finally winning the tag team belts after previously holding the United States, Intercontinental, and WWE championships during his incredible career in the WWE over the past five years.