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Wrestlemania results 2018: Cedric Alexander beats the heart out of Mustafa Ali to win the Cruiserweight Championship

The tournament to name a new Cruiserweight Champion has come to a thrilling conclusion.

The WWE Cruiserweight Championship has had a tumultuous year, getting vacated just before the Royal Rumble because of the legal-woes-forced firing of previous champion Enzo Amore. But the tournament to crown a new champion has seen 205 Live reach new and exciting heights, and that tournament came to a thrilling conclusion when good friends and the oft-proclaimed “heart and soul of 205 Live” Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander squared off at the Wrestlemania 34 pre-show to name the new champion.

The match was predictably high-paced, with Cedric and Mustafa representing two of the most athletic and dynamic talents in the Cruiserweight division. Alexander is incredibly fast, and Ali’s high-flying prowess is up there with all the greats in the world in that area. They know each other so well, and that familiarity helped create some incredible moments throughout the match.

At one point, Cedric Alexander hit a running Spanish Fly on Ali, a move that’s won Alexander matches before and is jaw-droppingly hard to pull off and make look that good. But Ali wasn’t nearly beaten yet, and he decided to one-up his friend with an even more special version of the Spanish Fly:

And what did ringside denizen John Cena think about that move?

We agree.

Ali nearly had Alexander beat not long after that, hitting his trademark “054” inverted 450 Splash in the corner, but Cedric got his foot on the rope just before the ref hit the three count. That opened the door for him to work his way back into the match after spending the last several minutes looking like he didn’t even know he was still in New Orleans, Ali had him so rattled.

Once Cedric wedged his way back into the match, though, he used his superior strength to beat what was left of Mustafa Ali’s proverbial “heart” out of him. Ali kept trying to fight back, but he just didn’t have enough left in the tank to overcome Alexander, who forcefully told him “This is ENOUGH” just before hitting his Lumbar Check backbreaker finisher to finally become the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, after spending months being considered the “uncrowned” champion.