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WrestleMania results 2018: Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle emerge victorious in Rousey’s first match

They took care of business against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

This match might have had the biggest buildup of anything at WrestleMania, give or take a ‘Taker or too. With Ronda Rousey participating in her first official match and Kurt Angle going against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, a lot of things were in flux between the two teams.

Triple H and Stephanie had a magnificently intimidating entrance, complete with motorcycles and an entourage (also on motorcycles), some crowd-milking while standing on the ropes, and a center-of-the-ring kiss to cap it all off. Not to mention Triple H’s pec bouncing.

Kurt Angle’s entrance was as God Bless America-n as possible, as he strutted down the ramp in a wrestling singlet with a gold medal around his neck and the crowd yelling “you suck!” at him, as per usual. Last, of course, was Rowdy Ronda Rousey who entered to “Bad Reputation” wearing a mini-kilt, a leather jacket, and her “Rowdy!” crop top, before disrobing down to a UFC-esque outfit of just the top and spandex shorts.

Stephanie got things started off early by whipping Ronda to the ground by her hair, before Angle and Triple H faced off in the ring. With Ronda cheering Angle on and Stephanie trying to stare the winning spirit directly into H’s soul, H quickly got the upper hand on Angle by tossing him out of the ring, letting him back in, and then dominating him on the mat with repeated punches.

Angle turned things around intermittently but was mostly on the receiving end of H’s moves. He couldn’t get to the ropes to tag Rousey in even as she repeatedly pleaded for him to reach out and touch her hand. At one point, Stephanie jogged around to Rousey’s corner of the ring and dropped her.

Then Angle finally tagged Rousey and she and Stephanie got into it, which is when the real fun began. Rouse was not messing around from the start as she flipped McMahon into the ring by her hair, got her UFC on with multiple head and body shots, and then punched her right in the uterus to send her to the canvas and beg for it to stop.

But eventually, McMahon got things under control. She did it by “completely manipulating the rules” as the broadcast put it and going for the yes, but she did it. After almost having Ronda in an unbreakable position, Ronda got back on top and lifted Stephanie onto her back before slamming her to the ground but the ref wasn’t there to count out the win. Triple H and Ronda got into it ringside, before H grabbed her by the feet and dragged her out of the ring.

That was enough for Angle to get back into things, and the two men took things outside of the ring for a couple of table slams. Rousey and Triple H then faced off and Ronda went all out with head and body blows, pinning him in the corner. With Ronda exerting all of the control, Stephanie came to tag back in and save the day, slapping Ronda across the face.

She then ran away (smart!) and Ronda chased her down and prevented her from escaping with another hair pull. Angle and H were back in the ring by that point, and they meant business. There was a German Suplex and of course an Angle Slam, which wasn’t less entertaining despite being completely predictable.

Angle then took Stephanie by the leg while the ref pleaded with him not to do what he was about to do. Of course he did it anyway and leg locked Stephanie. It then turned into Triple H vs. Ronda, which resulted in Ronda leg locked him and flipping him before she got him into an arm bar, necessitating him to be saved by Stephanie.

Angle put H over the top rope, and Stephanie rolled through Rousey but got put in another arm bar. She wasn’t able to rescue herself from that one and with Triple H taken out by Angle no one was coming to save her. Ronda won the match by snapping Stephanie’s arm, completing a threat she made during Kickoff that the most respectful thing she could do was to go in the ring and snap Stephanie’s arm.

She did far more than that, and won her first official match alongside Angle and with the crowd cheering her on from start to finish.