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WrestleMania results 2018: Undertaker makes quick work of John Cena

Cena had an answer for Elias and his guitar, but not for Taker.

John Cena’s WrestleMania match started with him being being trolled to high heavens by Elias. Cena came out expecting to meet The Undertaker in the ring but instead he was confronted by a ref that appeared to tell him that Taker wasn’t coming to fight him.

Elias then broke into a song making fun of Cena and the entire crowd, which spurred Cena to walk back to his ticketed seat in disgust and annoyance before giving him a talking to in the ring.

But that was just the appetizer before the main course.

Cena and his dad shorts were almost out of the ring when the lights went out. Cena’s face said it all, and everyone knew what was coming as soon as it happened too. The lights came up for just a moment, to show Undertaker’s hat and jacket in the middle of the ring, before a strike of lightning struck and they disappeared.

With that, Taker’s music kicked in and he embarked on what seemed like the longest introduction ever. It was so awesome that it could have probably gone on even longer before people got sick of it. It was also probably so long because the match itself was going to be so short.

Taker came out strong, striking Cena without recourse. Cena had absolutely no answer and before you knew it his hands were crossed on his chest and he was toast.

Just like, it was over. He clearly couldn’t handle Taker actually answering the challenge. Taker’s exit was almost as long as his entrance, but the anticipation for the fist raise was worth it. He’s still got it!