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WrestleMania results 2018: Braun Strowman and a small, innocent child defeat The Bar

Definitely didn’t see this one coming!

The Bar is The Bar, and Cesaro and Sheamus entered in a way that honored both their tag team name and the city of New Orleans. Arriving in the ring on a Mardi Gras parade float complete with masked attendants and celebratory music, they looked ready to take Strowman on with confidence.

Braun then destroyed that float upon his entrance, entered the ring, and promptly announced that his much-anticipated and speculated about mystery partner was going to be someone from the crowd.

While it would have been reasonable for him to pull a plant out of the crowd to wrestle with, instead it was a small child who genuinely looked frightened to death to be in the ring with Strowman and The Bar.

There are probably going to be mixed reactions to that reveal and storytelling choice, and if it worked at all it’s going to be because once Nicholas worked up the nerve (or, possibly, “worked up the nerve”) to actually tag into the match he looked happy to be there.

The match was over with a quickness, with Braun doing all of the work because you can’t really have a kid actually fighting two grown adults. So Strowman has the Raw Tag Team Championship, Nicholas has a cool story to tell and a fun memory, and The Bar have the ignominy of beating defeated by one person and an elementary school student who might not even play organized sports.