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WrestleMania results 2018: Brutal Lesnar bloodies Reigns, retains WWE Universal Championship

That was a brutal match that left a lot of questions to answer.

The main event of WrestleMania is always a major spotlight moment, and this year it actually featured a rematch from WrestleMania 31. But while defending WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is always the Beast, this is a very different Roman Reigns than the one he dominated for most of the match three years ago.

Brock started out the match by throwing Reigns around the ring, but this time a more mature, experienced, and driven Reigns responded strongly, staggering Lesnar with a series of strikes and Superman Punches. But Lesnar is never down for long, and after dumping Reigns face-first into the announce table, Lesnar was in full control of the match once more.

Suplex after suplex, throw after throw, Lesnar looked utterly dominant, with Reigns just trying to hold on. It looked like Lesnar had Reigns beaten down so badly that the lights were on and no one was home, but Reigns was able to dig deep and claw his way back into the match, dumping Lesnar over the announce table and then hitting him with successive spears back inside the ring before eating a huge running knee strike that Lesnar hit out of pure desperation.

But that wasn’t enough to keep Reigns down, and neither were a trio of thunderously brutal F-5s from Lesnar. Lesnar and his manager Paul Heyman were left in utter disbelief that Reigns was still in the match, and no one was sure what Lesnar would have to do in order to beat the defiant Samoan. That surely meant even more brutality — and sure enough, Lesnar hit a fourth F-5, this one through one of the announce tables at ringside.

Even that wasn’t enough, and after Reigns kicked out of a fifth F-5, Lesnar decided it was time to literally take the gloves off, tossing his combat-padded gloves aside before getting into top mount position and rained a brutal series of elbows down on Reigns’ head. That left the challenger losing blood at a startling pace from a deep gash in his scalp, but it also seemed to light a new fire under him, fighting back and leveling Lesnar with a thunderous spear.

Reigns went for a second hard-hitting move, but Lesnar was ready and waiting, catching Reigns in mid-air before tossing him up on his shoulders for a sixth F-5 — and this time it was enough, with Reigns left lying in a pool of his own blood while Lesnar strolled back up the entrance ramp with his Universal Championship held safely over his shoulder.

With rumors abound that Lesnar is leaving for UFC soon, where does this leave the status of Raw’s top championship? And where does Roman go from here, with the top of the mountain once again denied him, this time in absolutely brutal, bone-crunching fashion? The Raw after WrestleMania on Monday night is going to be even more of a must-watch than usual in order to get the answer to that massive question.