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John Cena dropped everything to go meet a teenage fan who had to flee Ukraine

A boy’s mom told her son they were meeting John Cena when they were really fleeing their home. The WWE star made her story reality.

John Cena went above and beyond to meet one of his biggest fans during an incomprehensibly difficult time in his life.

Misha Rohozhyn is a non-verbal teenager with Down’s Syndrome who lived with his family in Mariupol, Ukraine. When the boy was told by his mother they had to flee their home amid Russia’s invasion, it naturally caused a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety, which was difficult to fully convey to Misha. In an effort to keep her son calm, Misha’s mom told him they were leaving their home and traveling out of Ukraine to meet his hero, John Cena. She had no idea at the time that her story would turn into the truth.

Cena learned of the family’s story, and upon hearing they were now refugees in Amsterdam, he knew he had to turn the family’s excuse into reality. Surprising Misha with armfuls of merchandise and welcoming him with a huge smile, the two spent the day together comparing muscles, eating cake, and becoming friends. It’s honestly one of the sweetest videos of the year, especially considering the tremendous stress this family has endured.

Wrestling fans have all sorts of opinions about John Cena, but there is absolutely no doubt that when it comes to community outreach he’s the GOAT. The WWE superstar has tirelessly dedicated himself to improving lives and making dreams come true. Cena began granting wishes through Make-A-Wish in 2004, and in the 18 years since has set a record by granting over 650 wishes — and he has no plans to stop now.

There are no words except bravo. This is incredible.